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80 10 10 raw dog food is the diet that blends the nutrition of the muscle, meat, organ, or calcium through raw bones that become effective for canine health. Our designed 80 10 10 raw dog food calculator will be best suited to your dog and for you, as it can guide you about how much proportion to feed by determining your dog’s age and body condition under the direction of our nutritionists

80 10 10 raw feeding calculator for dogs & puppies

Raw dog food should, especially concerning 80 10 10, be consumed within a limit, but how much raw food to feed to a dog per day? Generally, the percentage is between 2-3% of a dog’s body weight. This percentage may vary based on various determinants like:

  • Age of a dog
  • Breed of a dog
  • The activity level of a dog
  • Your goal (lose or gain weight)

As dog owners ask us, “How much raw food to feed a dog by weight?” We simply give them a formula that they can also count by themselves to get accurate food weight for dogs. That formula is: A dog’s weight x 0.02 = food weight. If we use this formula to know how much food to feed a 100-lb dog, we calculate it: 100 lb x 0.02 = 2 lb food a day.

The crux of feeding raw dog food depends on the following points:

  • For more than a year, adult dogs should get 2-3% of the body weight or 1 or 2 times food a day.
  • Puppies need more nutrition, so they should switch to 4-6% of their body weight or 3 meals a day, adjusting as they grow.
  • Active dogs should get 4% of their body weight if you want them to maintain weight.
  • Less active dogs stick to 2% of their ideal body weight.

If you are toxic when counting all the math, put your dog’s weight and condition (either want your dog to maintain, lose, or gain weight) on our raw dog food calculator, and get a quick food estimation within no second.

How much Raw Food to feed a Dog

Raw food used to feed dogs (UK) is generally answered with 2-3% of the body weight, but is this ratio or percentage the same every time? No, it varies due to these factors:

Pregnancy or lactation

If your dog is expecting or nursing a child, make sure she is getting more food than other dogs, as they require more calories for their fetal development and milk production.

Body condition

An obese dog will get less food than an underweight dog. The weight tells you that the provided food is too little or too much for your pup. So mind this. How much raw food to feed a dog to lose weight? Generally, dogs will get 2-3%, but a 10-20% starting reduction will be counted with this method:

Daily food (Kg)= Ideal body weight(Kg) x 0.02 x (1-calorie deficit%)

Put the number, we assuming to reduce 15% food intake:

0.17 kg or 170 g= 10 kg x 0.02 x (1- 0.15)

Age & breed

Dogs of senior age or giant breed need more calories or protein than smaller dogs.

Exercise routine

If your dog accompanies you on regular walks and runs, keeping himself active across the day, he will need more than 80 10 10 raw food as compared to dogs who prefer to stay at home with zero exercise level.

Environment & weather

How much food to feed depends on weather change. In hot weather, a dog’s body has to work harder to keep its internal temperature cool, and its metabolic rate may decrease as a result. Thus, it may require fewer calories, so you can reduce daily food intake by 10-20%. In cold weather, it needs more calories and energy due to its active metabolism, so you can bump up its food intake by 10-20%.

Neutered vs UN-neutered dog

If you neuter your dog, it means his imbalanced hormones will cause him to gain weight, so cut the high-fat or high-calorie food from him or use a portion-control formula. On the other hand, the Unneutered dog may consume a high amount of food.

Overall health

A dog with health issues, such as kidney, liver, or pancreatitis disease, may need less food than a healthy dog.


Many dogs have an inborn good metabolism, so feed them higher-quality food if they ingest it without any difficulty or if their stool is firmer.

Is feeding the right amount of raw food necessary?

Yes! Raw dog food will give optimal benefits if given in the right amount, such as it is necessary for nutritional value, optimal weight management, digestive health, energy boosting, and overall dog health. For example, how much food is required to feed a 15 kg dog to be satisfied within 300-450 grams if we calculate it with 2-3% of their body weight? But, for active dogs, it must be 750 g(5%), or for underweight dogs, it must be 600g (4%).

To fulfill this need, we provide our dog owners with an 80 10 10 raw dog food calculator that estimates how much muscle, meat, bones, or organs their dog needs to grow perfectly.

Raw dog food serving portions

Feeding table by cotsworldraw
Picture by: cotsworldraw.com

How much raw food to feed a 5 kg dog?

The average adult dog needs 100-150 g per day or 700-1050 g per week, while a puppy of 5 kg demands 188 g in moderation.

The more detailed answer is that an obese dog with 5 kg should receive 125 g (2%), underweight dogs 200g(4%), and fully active dogs 250 g (5%).

How much raw food to feed a 7 kg dog?

Feeding chart on raw food for 7 kg dog

How much raw food to feed 10 kg dog?

A dog with a 2-3% body weight of 10 kg should get 200-300 g of food per day, a weighty dog will get 250 g, an underweight dog should eat 400 g, and an active dog needs 500 g of 80 10 10 raw dog food.

How much raw food to feed 12 kg dog?

Many factors, like age, breed, condition, or activity level, affect raw feeding, but a moderate breed of dog needs 175 g to 300 g of food a day.

How much raw food to feed 15 kg dog?

The 300-450 gram food is enough for an average dog with a normal activity level, but if he is too active, 750 g, too fatty, 300 g, or too picky, 600 g will suit it.

How much raw food to feed 22 and 24 kg dogs?

The dog requires 2-3% of the ideal body weight. Do you know the exact size of your dog? If not, this miracle article will provide you with the tricks: “Check your dog weight“. You should feed a 22-24 kg dog between 400-600 g a day.

How much raw food to feed a 30 kg dog?

A 30 kg adult dog on a raw food diet can start with 600g-900g per day, but he can go up to 1.5 kg of raw food if he is energetic.

How much raw food to feed a 35 kg dog?

A 35 kg or 77 lb dog should get anywhere between 700-1050 g or 0.7-1.05 kg raw dog food, but the underweight dog should get nutrient-full 1.4 kg raw dog food.

How much raw dog food to feed a 40 kg dog?


% of Body Weight

Daily Feeding Amount for a 40 kg Dog


800 grams


1.2 kilograms


1.6 kilograms


2 kilograms

How our 80 10 10 calculator works?

Our free 80 10 10 raw dog food calculator assists in estimating your dog’s daily food consumption based on weight, age, and degree of activity. Instead of offering a universal solution, we offer a place to start.


What if my dog doesn’t eat the recommended amount?

There could be reasons:

  • Transitioning too quickly: Introduce raw food gradually.
  • Food isn’t appealing: Try different protein sources or add toppers.
  • Underlying health issues: Consult your veterinarian.

Can all dogs thrive on an 80-10-10 raw diet?

While many dogs benefit from a raw diet, it may not suit all dogs, especially those with certain health conditions such as pancreatitis, gastrointestinal issues, or compromised immune systems.