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Welcome to WeKnowYourDogs.co.uk, your trusted ally in the world of dog care and product reviews. Spearheaded by Adam, a devoted dog aficionado, and Dr. Emily Smith, a seasoned veterinarian, our website aims to be a go-to resource for every dog owner seeking reliable information and reviews.

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What we do

Dog Grooming

We pamper your furry friends with expert pet grooming for a fresh, clean, and stylish look.

Dog Walking

With our reliable dog walking guide, we ensure your pups get the exercise and adventure they crave.

Dog Gadgets

Explore the latest and greatest dog gadgets that enhance your pup’s life and simplify yours.

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Dog Sitting

Our guide offers top-notch pet-sitting tips for their comfort and well-being.

Dog Training

Personalized pet training that strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.

Nail Clipping

We make nail care a breeze, ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety.

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Our team

Adam founder of weknowyourdogs


Founder of We Know Your Dogs

Adam’s love for dogs, sparked by his pet Tiger, drives unbiased info for UK dog owners. With Dr. Emily Smith, they assess dog products, highlighting vital aspects of canine well-being.

Emily veterinary

Dr. Emily Smith

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Emily Smith, a distinguished veterinarian with a decade of experience, is committed to enhancing pet health and owner education through clinical expertise and research.

Pets (and their owners) love us!

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Anna M.

As a dog parent in the UK, I can’t thank Adam and Emily enough for creating such an insightful and informative website. The dog food reviews and care tips have been a game-changer for me and my furry friend. Kudos to the team at Adam & Emily’s Pawsome UK Dogs!

Dog 2

Sean T.

I can’t express how grateful I am for this great blog. Living in the UK, it’s refreshing to find a source dedicated solely to our furry friends. The detailed dog food reviews and care tips have made a significant impact on my dog’s well-being. Thank you for being our go-to resource

Dog 3

Maria E.

Being a dog enthusiast and an advocate for their well-being, I’ve found Adam & Emily’s Pawsome UK Dogs to be an invaluable resource. The dedication and expertise they bring to the table are evident in their dog food recommendations and care tips. I wholeheartedly recommend their website to every dog owner in the UK.

Dog 4

Adam S.

Being a proud dog owner in the UK, I stumbled upon Adam & Emily’s website while searching for reliable information on dog foods. Their thorough brand reviews and care tips have been incredibly helpful. I trust their recommendations, and my dog, Max, is thriving thanks to their expert advice.

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