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14 Benefits of Raw Dog Food for Optimal Health


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Raw dog food in a bowl

Raw dog food is a topic that stays under a lot of discussions and debates. Many dog owners always stay confused about its usage. However, there are many advantages and with the advent of time, many pet owners are switching towards raw dog food. This is because the benefits are visible.

So, if you are confused about raw dog food and are looking for the benefits that it can provide your dog with, then I’ve got you covered today.

The benefits of raw dog food

Nutrient rich raw dog food

Now, that you are completely aware of the raw food concept and how it all works, let’s move towards our main concern which is about the benefits. A lot of my friends have transitioned their pets from kibble to raw and I can see huge differences in their health. So based on my own experiences, I have gathered some benefits for you. You do have to consult with vets, as not all foods can be great for your dog but at the same time, the good results of raw dog food can never be neglected. Let’s have a look!

Check Points

  1. Easy to digest
  2. Dental health of dogs
  3. Food allergies and sensitivities
  4. Healthy coat and skin
  5. Better immune system
  6. More energy
  7. Nutrients
  8. Weight control
  9. Firmer stools with less odor
  10. Vitality
  11. Better hydration
  12. Better mobility
  13. Less hyperactivity
  14. Better physique

1- Easy to digest:

The first benefit that I will talk about is digestion. You know that proper digestion is required for your dog so that their body gains the required nutrients to work properly. Effective digestion is very important for your dog’s body to function properly. So where does raw dog food enter the scene? Raw dog food is known to complement the digestive system as it contains some enzymes that help your dog’s stomach. The canine stomach is designed in a way to digest proteins and bones in raw dog food. On the other hand, processed foods are not that good for the stomach. Also, the ingredients in raw dog food are biologically appropriate for your dog’s stomach.

2- Dental health of dogs:

Dog with good dental health.

Dogs that follow raw diets are known to have better dental health. This is one of the most visible benefits that you can spot. Dental diseases are very common among dogs and should be taken seriously. You might be opting for brushing their teeth which is a great practice but, at the same time, the brush cannot reach all parts of the mouth. How does raw food help in this? Raw food involves the process of chewing, biting, and tearing down raw meats and bones. The more your dog’s teeth are involved, the better hygiene they gain. Researchers also say that the foods that require some hassle are great for keeping dental problems away. Further, when your dog chews on raw bones, this helps in reducing the plaque and tartar buildup which not only promotes healthier teeth but gums as well.

3- Food allergies and sensitivities:

These are among the common problems that dogs usually face. They all have different stomachs and their bodies react differently to different foods. You might be aware that foods like corn, wheat, and soy have so many potential allergens. These ingredients are a part of many processed dog foods out there and they do no good. When it comes to raw food diets, they are grain-free and do not have gluten. They help maintain a healthy gut environment because the imbalance is known to be the root cause of many problems. So, it becomes a lot more obvious that removing the allergen potential foods improves your dog’s health. Food allergies are not limited though but you can get rid of some of the common ones such as ear, nose, and eye problems, digestive issues, itching, etc. Further, by utilizing raw dog food, you move away from additives and artificial ingredients which also help in getting rid of certain allergies.

4- Healthy coat and skin:

This is another visible benefit of using raw dog food. Raw food is fresh and is known to have essential fatty acids along with amino acids. Further, the natural fats and oils found in certain raw ingredients also help a lot. They are needed by your dog’s body to maintain a healthier and shinier coat. We know that the skin is made of protein mostly which can only be gained with the usage of healthy foods. When your dog’s skin is in good condition, you can also keep many skin-related problems at bay. These are the major reasons that explain why dogs on raw diets have great skin and fur. It is quite obvious now that a nutritious diet can easily transform a dull coat into a glossy and shinier one.

5- Better immune system:

You might have read about the raw dog food that has been part of the natural diet of dogs that is selected by nature itself. So, when your dog is eating something that they were intended to eat by nature, their health improves. When their health is better, their immune system gets a boost. This way the organs of their body can function more effectively and their body can fight against harmful pathogens. Raw dog food is good for gut health and as most of the immune system is linked with that, it becomes beneficial for their overall body. Another factor is that the raw food has the right nutrients and the body is easily able to absorb them. This way their body can stand strong which is important.

6- More energy:

Dog keenly eating raw food.

The most required nutrients as energy sources for dogs are fats and proteins. In raw diets, these nutrients are abundant and thus these diets become more beneficial for your dog. The energy level of your dog becomes more stable and more consistent which also helps them a lot in their cognitive functioning. Another factor is that when the artificial and junk ingredients get filtered out, there is less strain on the organs of your pet’s body and they seem more energetic. Dry foods on the other hand do not do well. They create energy-related issues among dogs and they mostly have carbohydrates which according to research are not needed by dogs. So, this also gives another edge to the raw diets.

7- Nutrients:

I will emphasize this aspect again as this is very crucial for your dog. Raw diets also categorized as BARF have the right nutrients for your dog’s body. The harmful additives get filtered out and you are left with nutrients in their natural forms. Some protestants do claim that raw foods can be nutrient-dense for dogs. But this completely depends on the food combinations and the amount of food that you are feeding your dog. Raw foods provide their stomachs with easily digestible ingredients so that they are healthier.

8- Weight control:

Weight control is another major concern among dog owners. Many pet owners switch to raw dog food only for weight control and the good thing about this is that it does work. This is because processed foods have additives added, are calorie-loaded, and make your dog crave more food. The amount of carbs in your pet’s body triggers the insulin release and thus your dog gains weight for no reason. Meat on the other hand is known for not triggering sugar levels compared to processed foods. This way a raw diet becomes a better option for your dog for weight control. A friend of mine also had a chubby pup and she was able to tone down the weight with the help of raw foods. So, your dog can absorb the useful nutrients in a better way.

9- Firmer stools with less odor:

Yes, you read that right! Raw dog food creates less food waste. Many raw feeders say that the stools of their pets have become firmer than before to the extent that they can pick them up. Further to this, the gland functioning is also improved. Thus, an improved digestive system becomes responsible for stools that have less odor. The poo of your dog will also be smaller than before which indicates that the food is getting digested more.

10- Vitality:

As dogs grow older, they start losing their vitality. Raw foods are known to provide them with increased energy and vitality. This is because the diet is closer to what they would have been feeding upon in the wild. As dogs age, if the diet is poor, it has a lot of negative impact on their health. When the diet is according to what nature has decided for them, they improve. You cannot stop the time but you can help your dog to age in a better way. Raw food can have combinations of different foods according to the nutrient requirement so that the nutritional value of even the senior dogs is balanced.

11- Better hydration:

This is something that you can easily tell yourself. The processed food is completely dry and lacks moisture. Whereas raw foods are rich in moisture and thus they help your dog naturally to stay hydrated with the help of their food as well. You can easily notice that dogs who feed on kibble tend to drink more water compared to those who are on raw diets.

12- Better mobility:

Another problem that you may come across is related to your dog’s movement. As dogs age, they experience joint problems and mobility issues. The root cause of such problems is usually related to inflammation issues that are a result of improper nutrition of dogs. In such situations, it is better to opt for diets that have the right nutritional value so you can avoid long-term problems. It is better to opt for raw diets. They are rich in calcium and other useful nutrients for their bones and cartilage which helps to relieve the inflammation and thus, your dog can enjoy a healthier and active lifestyle. Further, the combination of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals also helps in mobility a lot.

13- Less hyperactivity:

The diet of your dog can affect more than their physical health. The bad foods can create undesirable symptoms for them. So, raw foods are known the provide your dog with energy that is needed for them to fully perform their activities and exercise. This thing crucial for their mental well-being. Raw foods also have omega-3s which are essential for their brain health. Thus, the gut and brain connection remains great and these two vital organs keep contributing to the balanced behavior in your dog.

14- Better physique:

Raw feeding dog in better physique

The physique of your dog matters a lot and trust me, this is something that you can achieve to its fullest with the usage of processed foods only. You have to go for a balanced raw diets. A healthy dog is not only given proper exercise but proper healthy food as well. This is the only way for them to be naturally lean and stay muscular. Carbohydrates on the other hand can lead to many problems for them. The same is the case for fillers, sugars, and preservatives. The right combination of nutrients in raw food will help your dog a lot to be in the best shape possible.

The raw dog food trend:

Raw diet for dogs has been a part of the tradition and is something that is not new at all. With the rise of technology and industries, companies started to create food that is easy to serve such as the kibble. However, with the passage, many pet owners started to feel that processed foods are not very healthy for their pets. They do provide them with the nutrients but all of them are not good for the health of their dogs. Also many pet owners are now aware of the benefits of raw dog food. So, today you find many emerging raw dog food companies as pet lovers are again moving towards

BARF as the sole reason

One major factor is related to BARF diets. Pet owners are now choosing diets that provide a biological balance of nutrients to their pets. People now understand the impacts of processed foods and are trying to avoid foods with negative health benefits.

Homemade foods

Another reason to turn away from big brands is that the owners are moving towards homemade diets. Throughout the internet, you can now find hundreds of easy raw food recipes that provide your dog with the right kind of health benefits. The locally sourced ingredients also help a lot in knowing more about what their pets prefer.

The myths

There are some myths related to raw dog food which are mainly because of the involvement of some bacteria. However, foods that come under the banner of DEFRA-approved packaging are known for providing the best possible raw dog foods. So, it is recommended to do some research before actually considering a brand for your dog. Remember, raw dog food is not supposed to be cooked at all, it is about feeding raw!

No faith in processed food

Further, the benefits of raw dog food are so great that they cannot be ignored in any way. Pet owners often notice problems with the use of processed foods such as poor appetites, allergic conditions, etc. Whereas raw feeding shows a lot of benefits including improvement in appetite, healthier coats, etc.

Is raw food good for dogs?

Raw dog food is known to provide a lot of visible health benefits. Raw foods are also effective in the management of some health problems such as gastrointestinal issues, different allergies, etc. They are also known for boosting the immune system of your dog which is very important when it comes to fighting harmful bacteria. Similarly, when it comes to feed raw food to your dog, the way you practice it also defines how beneficial it is for your dog. 

EU-registered raw pet foods:

When it comes to the registered raw pet food brands, the European registered companies are one of the best. They strictly regulate their rules which include regular microbes testing. These terms form part of the license of the raw food companies that allows them to sell their foods. Mostly, only those companies are allowed to strictly follow the health measures. This also makes raw food a lot safer. So, in the end, it is all about home hygiene. You have to take care of your dog’s food the way you take care of your food. Make sure that your hands are always clean along with the utensils that you use for feeding your dog. This way you can minimize the bacterial risks.

Final words:

To conclude, I will say that raw dog foods are not as negative as they are portrayed. There are a lot of benefits related to them. The times are changing and pet owners are moving towards natural diets for their dogs. So, always opt for the best foods out there for your dog because their health is important.

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