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9 Best Wet Dog Food for Puppies 2024


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a puppy eating food out of a bowl

If the starting phase of puppies is good, the whole life will be good. Finding the best-wet dog food for your puppy can be challenging. There are many problems to watch out for, like ensuring your puppy gets the proper nutrition, avoiding upset stomachs, and dealing with food allergies. You must also consider growth issues, picky eating, and dental health. You must also manage feeding schedules, food transitions, and hydration. Remember the risks of food aggression and special health conditions that need special diets. It’s a lot to handle to nourish a healthy and happy puppy, but don’t worry! The proper wet food for puppies will ease all the issues. So, we’ve researched and reviewed some of the best-wet food brands for puppies that will keep your puppy healthy, happy, and strong. So, let’s delve into this.

Best wet dog food for puppies _ Editor’s choice

Best wet dog food for puppies

  1. Pedigree Junior wet food in jelly– 5/5
  2. Winalot puppy mix in gravy 12x100g– 4.98/5
  3. Pooch & Mutt puppy chicken wet food– 4.9/5
  4. Butcher’s puppy wet food 24x 400g – 4.8/5
  5. Royal Canin mini puppy wet dog food– 4.7/5
  6. Lily’s Kitchen puppy wet formula – 4.6/5
  7. Barking heads puppy days wet dog food– 4.6/5
  8. Naturediet Feel Good puppy wet dog food– 4.5/5
  9. Forthglade turkey, duck, & lamb puppy wet food– 4.4/5

1- Pedigree Junior wet puppy food in jelly

a black dog next to boxes of Pedigree Junior wet puppy food

Pedigree Junior wet food in jelly is meant for younger dogs and puppies from 2 to 12 months. It is a balanced wet food that meets puppies’ body requirements as it is high in protein, less in fat, and high in moisture.


  1. Flavours: Chicken & rice, Lamb & rice, Poultry & rice, and Beef & rice.
  2. Age range: puppies up to 12 months.
  3. Texture: In jelly.
  4. Unique uses for: Bones and muscle growth, better digestion, & skin fur.
  5. Any allergy: No added sugar, preservatives, and colour.
  6. Recommendation: Developed at Waltham Pet Nutrition Centre.
  7. Pack’s dimensions: 19.4 x 14.5 x 9.6 cm; 1.2 kg.
  8. Calories: 89/100 g ME.

Research shows that dogs should have Calcium: phosphorus ratios of up to 1.2 to 1.4:1. This pedigree puppy wet dog food has enough calcium and Phosphorus to help bone health and optimal growth during the first 12 weeks.

My favourite points
  • The pouches are designed so nicely that they can be opened by unzipping them, and they are best for one-go servings.
  • The price is cut down if you set a monthly subscription.
  • It is accessible on the pocket, costing you between £4.25 and £4.50.
  • It contains Vitamin E and improves puppies’ cell production, heart, and immune system.
My least favourite points
  • It has good taste and value, but the portion is too small if your puppy eats well.

2- Winalot puppy mixed in gravy wet pouches 12x 100g

a white bowl filled with wet dog food  on top of a wooden table

Winalot believes that dogs are our heroes and they are passionate about us, so taking care of them must be our passion. They introduced various ranges and recipes for different age levels, and their puppy’s wet food range is included in my top priority. You can feed it without worrying as all the ingredients are 100% natural and work best during the puppy’s development stage from 0-12 months. The variety pack contains two flavours, including chicken with peas and lamb with carrots in gravy, to increase puppies’ appetite and fulfill their water needs. It has all the Vitamins and minerals puppies need to develop their mental and physical capabilities.

The peas and carrots provide a good amount of Potassium that aids in nerves, muscles, and kidneys working. The noticeable dimensions are ‎39.9 x 20.1 x 14.5 cm; 5.4 kg—a delicious dinner for tiny furry fellows with a good smell without artificial aroma.

Favourite points
  • These are the best packs for fussy eaters and those who prefer solids to milk and kibble.
  • The meaty chunks are tiny that are suitable for small mouths.
  • The pouches help make portioning easy.
  • If your puppy does not favour gravy texture, you can add kibble to make it solid, which he will like.
Least Favourite points
  • The packs are not fully recyclable.

3- Pooch & Mutt puppy chicken wet dog food

a dog standing next to a bowl of food

Pooch & Mutt, a SMARTA 100 award winner, offers a range of pet foods, including options for puppies. Their wet dog food with chicken is designed to provide balanced nutrition for growing puppies. All puppies with less stable tummies cannot tolerate grains, so this grain-free wet puppy food is for your baby. It contains Fresh chicken, 60%, dried egg, 6%, carrot 2.5%, potato 2.5%, parsnip 2%, chicory root extract (a source of prebiotics FOS) 0.05%, and Iron the Copper, Vitamin A & D3.

Sourced from a local British farm, the carton used for delivery is also safe for the earth, having reduced 80% of the adverse effects of Global warming.


  1. All the ingredients are natural.
  2. No grain, cereal, gluten, beef, soy, and non-GM produce.
  3. The food pack is reusable.
  4. The 375g pack contains 522 calories.
  5. Best suited to puppies up to 12 months.
  6. The high protein content of 12% helps better the puppy’s body growth.
  7. Get 4.8/5 from Trustpilot and 70% from AADF.
Favourite points
  • The additional prebiotics help food to break quickly for average days working.
  • The more gassy puppies get relief after eating Pooch & Mutt wet dog food, which contains Parsnip, which is rich in fibre for fast-acting intestines.
  • No added colours and preservatives.
  • It is recommended by trainers, Vets, AADF, and FEDIAF.
  • A hypoallergenic recipe.
Least Favourite points
  • They have only one flavour: Chicken.

4- Butcher’s perfect puppy tin dog food 6x 400g

Butcher’s perfect puppy tin dog

Butcher’s makes 100 realistic and natural products for dogs of all ages and breeds at the heart of England, and all the listed ingredients are sourced from Irish and British farms. They claim they provide the best start-up to new babies with all the vital nutrients and vitamins that will make them energetic and have strong immunity power. A top-rated puppy, wet dog food comes in tin packaging and is fully disposable. The three 24x recipes include 6x lamb, 12x chicken, and 6x beef, the meat content of which is more than 50%, and, after satisfying its customers, gets 78% ratings on AADF.

All three recipes include Mannan-oligosaccharide, a natural prebiotic that promotes healthy bacteria in the puppy’s gastrointestinal tract that effectively digest food instantly.

Favourite points
  • The food isn’t pulpy, smelly, or messy (like some others).
  • The grain-free and hypoallergenic recipe for allergic puppies.
  • Salmon oil provides omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which support the brain, skin, eyes, joints, and immune system.
  • Too much ash in wet dog food is toxic to dogs, and this recipe is free from ash, which means the included meat is high quality. (the ash % is only written to count mineral content)
Least Favourite points
  • Life is shorter once you open the pack.
  • The company doesn’t sell its product from its leading site, either. You can buy it online or at stores near you.

5- Royal Canin Mini puppy wet pouches 12x 85g

a dog laying on a bed next to boxes of dog food

Royal Canin Mini Puppy wet pouches are an excellent option for providing tailored nutrition to small-breed puppies. The benefits of growth support, joint and bone strength, digestibility, and palatability make it a worthwhile choice. Royal Canin Mini Puppy wet pouches are designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of small breed puppies up to 10 months old and with an expected adult weight of up to 10 kg. The pouches are enriched with vitamins E and C and antioxidants to strengthen the developing immune system. The soft, easy-to-chew chunks in gravy are designed to be highly palatable, catering even to picky eaters and ensuring that puppies receive the nutrition they need. Each pouch is conveniently portioned at 85 grams, making it easy to control servings and maintain freshness.

Favourite points
  • Best wet dog food to mix with dry.
  • Known for best customer service.
  • Vets assure it.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids provide the best for puppies’ brain development and make them energetic during training.
Least Favourite points
  • The ingredient list does not disclose all the % clearly.
  • Limited information is provided in the English language.

6- Lily’s Kitchen puppies wet food chicken

a women feeding wet dog food to puppy

Lily’s Kitchen is a B-certified company based in the UK. It is known for innovation and providing balanced wet, dry, and treats for dogs and cats. Start your puppy’s journey with Lily’s Kitchen puppy wet dog food.

Best Features:

  1. Key ingredients: Chicken 67%, Potatoes 2%, Carrots 1%, and Vitamins & minerals.
  2. Allergy: No allergy case, as this recipe is grain-free and single-protein.
  3. Approved: Nutritionist, Vets, Trainers, and puppies too.
  4. Made for: Puppies from 8 weeks to 14 months.
  5. Calories: 92/100g.
  6. Dimensions: 38 x 9.7 x 9.3 cm; 1.63 kg
My Favourite points
  • Its superb texture makes it easy to mash with a fork if your puppy has difficulty eating.
  • It makes a nice change from the adult menu; it’s almost like a treat.
  • The flavour is very appealing.
  • No fillers and preservatives are needed, but vegetables are contained for fresh colour and the best nutrition.
  • It is best for sensitive tummies.
Least Favourite points
  • It is the most expensive puppy wet dog food on the market.
  • Some puppies do not like the strong smell of herbs.

For the first time, try visiting the store:

For packs of 10, visit Amazon:

7- Barking heads puppy days wet puppy food

a dog sitting next to a bag of barking heads puppy food

Barking heads provide all the nutrients the puppy’s body demands in one go. The puppy days recipe is designed to make his initial days fun and energetic. This delicious, grain-free recipe has 85% free-run chicken and 3% garden veggies, along with salmon oil, sunflower oil, Seaweed, Parsley, Chicory roots, and vital minerals for the puppy’s body growth. The recipe is perfect for little paws friends as it is slow-cooked to keep all the nutrients alive, and Vets give free-hand approval for puppies. You can mix this wet dog food with any dry puppy food in a correct portion if he is not pleased with complete wet food.

The product magnitude is 3 x 13 x 18.3 cm, 3 kg, for all breeds. You can select the delivery size, such as 10x300g, 20×300 g, 30×300 g, and 40x300 g. Barking Heads gives you 33% off on your first order with free delivery, so hurry up and have this wonderful recipe with lots of money-saving offers. Check out our exceptionally crafted: grain-free wet dog food.

Favourite points
  • Puppy Days recipes carry turmeric powder for colours and no more artificial harmful colours they consider.
  • This wet dog food is under budget.
  • It is convenient to have food in pouches rather than cumbersome tins, which sometimes can be challenging to open.
Least Favourite points
  • Individual servings, while convenient, can create more packaging waste compared to bulk options.

8- Naturediet Feel Good chicken with rice puppy wet food

box of Naturediet Feel Good chicken with rice puppy wet food

Are you seeking a natural, grain-free option to nourish your puppy’s growth and development? Naturediet Feel Good Grain-Free Puppy Wet Food might be just what you need. This product promises high-quality nutrition, ensuring your pup grows healthy and strong.

 Naturediet puppy wet food at a glance:

  • Pack size: 18 x 390g.
  • Particular use: Best for sensitive stomach and allergy relief.
  • Composition: 60% chicken, 7% rice, 4% carrots, dried eggs, and dried Seaweed.
  • Packaging: 100% biodegradable.
  • Suitable for: 4 weeks to 12 months.
  • Best about Naturediet: Introduced to sell the wet food in Tetra packs first in 2018.
  • Feeding guide: Use the opened leftover wet puppy food within 48 hours after refrigeration.
  • Breed for: For all breeds and sizes.
  • Calories: 139 calories per 100g.
  • Made at: It is British-made.
  • Dimensions: ‎42.7 x 18.5 x 11.6 cm; 7 kg
My Favourite points
  • Brown rice gives enough fibre to digest food, amino acids for iron deficiency, and Vitamin B for healthy skin cells.
  • I love the texture that puppies can quickly eat up.
  • Puppies that are very picky in everything love this food.
Least Favourite points
  • It becomes messy to take the food off the pack.
  • I ordered this for my puppy as she usually has the chicken one. However, I wanted to try her with the chicken and lamb as advertised. However, there is no sign of any lamb; it’s just chicken again in different packaging!

9- Forthglade Chicken & lamb puppy wet variety pack 12 x 395g

a dog standing in front of a box of food

For puppy parents who want a nutritious and flavorful meal for their growing fur babies, Forthglade’s Puppy Chicken & Lamb Wet Dog Food Variety Pack is an excellent choice. With its commitment to natural ingredients and balanced nutrition, Forthglade ensures your puppy receives the best start in life.

The best part of the Forthglade Chicken and Lamb Puppy recipe:

  • High-quality ingredients – The two recipes of chicken and lamb come with a 6x 395g pack each. All the ingredients are natural and complete. The chicken puppy formula contains 71% chicken + 4% liver + 4% sweet potatoes + 2% carrots + 2% peas and minerals, while the lamb recipe contains 71% lamb and 4% lamb liver, and the remaining ingredients are the same.
  • Balanced Nutrition: They are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to support overall health, including immune function, bone development, and a shiny coat during their two- to twelve-month period.
  • Grain-Free Recipes: Perfect for puppies with grain sensitivities, the grain-free formula helps prevent digestive issues and allergic reactions.
  • Appealing Flavours: The variety pack includes chicken and lamb recipes, offering a delicious and appealing taste to cater to picky eaters and a digestible protein source for little puppies.
My Favourite points
  • Chicory root, a prebiotic, and Seaweed are good for digesting food without putting too much strain on delicate tummies.
  • It has high levels of Chondroitin and Glucosamine, which help support bone & joint development in puppies.
  • The food quality is excellent, and I am 100% confident that it contains all the micronutrients my puppy needs.
Least Favourite points
  • It might be less widely available in local stores, often requiring online purchases.

Question Corner

What is the buying guide for puppies’ wet dog food?

Before purchasing and ordering any puppy’s wet food, consider these points:

  • Ensure that food is complete by adding all high-quality protein, fat, carbohydrates, herbs, Vitamins, and minerals.
  • Look for products that contain protein from chicken, lamb, fish, or beef.
  • The wet dog food should be free from artificial colourant and fillers.
  • Opt for grain-free wet dog food if you see that your puppy is not in a condition to endure any grain.
  • Choose wet dog food containing prebiotics, probiotics, and digestible ingredients like sweet potato.
  • Please see the tag. The food you are purchasing must be for puppies, not for adults.
  • Calcium and Phosphorus must be added to it to help bones thrive.
  • Puppies are primarily picky about food, so the texture must be appealing.
  • Consider the cost of the food and ensure it fits within your budget while still meeting your puppy’s nutritional needs.

Is wet dog food good for puppies?

Yes, wet dog food is good for puppies as it provides high moisture content, helping keep them hydrated. It’s also easier to chew, which is beneficial for puppies with developing teeth and aids in food digestion due to vital nutrients. Look for formulas specifically designed for growth and development.

How often should I feed my puppy wet food?

Puppies should be fed small, frequent meals throughout the day, typically three to four times daily. Follow the feeding fundamentals on the food packaging and adjust based on your puppy’s appetite and growth.

Are there any drawbacks to feeding puppies wet food?

Wet food typically has a shorter shelf life once opened and needs refrigeration. It can be more expensive than dry food, and individual packaging might produce more waste. It’s also less calorie-dense, so more significant portions may be needed.

Final Verdict

Finally, I have concluded that neglecting puppies initially means feeding physically upset dogs. So, always choose a high-quality wet puppy food brand with natural ingredients for better growth and development.

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