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Butternut Box Review: Pricing, Pro/Cons, Recipes & More


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Butternut Box unboxing and review

Dear reader! I know that finding fresh foods in the UK can be a big struggle for you at times. I can tell that you are searching for different alternatives out there. Well, I have one! Ever heard of Butternut Box? You might be confused about the pricing too, right? If this is the case, then you have stumbled upon the right post today.

When it comes to quality, there are not very many brands out there that focus on it. There are a lot of gaps that you can find in many of these brands. However, when it comes to the Butternut Box, there is a huge exception, luckily. This company is known for providing your dogs, with one of the most high-quality foods in the market. Another best thing about it is that you can find so many reviews of this company out there and a lot of them will be positive. So, let’s get started.

What is a Butternut Box?

Butternut-Box in a Box packed

The first question in the minds of a beginner that pops up is this. If this is the case, let me briefly introduce myself. Butternut Box is a famous UK-based startup that was mainly founded by two friends. What was the need for it? Well, just like you, they too struggled to find the best fresh foods for their dogs in the market out there. So, they established a brand that provides dog lovers with one of the best foods in the market.

You can visit the website here and build your box by setting the preferences that fit around your dog.

Why Butternut Box good?

One of the defining features of the Butternut Box is that it is made of ‘human quality’ meat and vegetables. They are gently cooked to create simple and. Tasty meals for your dog. All the needed vitamins and minerals are carefully regulated in the foods according to the dog’s requirements. So, these features make it one of the best current foods out there.

How it works?

When it comes to starting with a Butternut Box, it’s not that much of a big deal and is very easy and simple. You just have to tell them about your dog and they will create a personalized plan and pricing just for them. From there they will cook their meals and freeze them so that they stay good and will send them to you. Another convenience for you is that you can change, pause, or cancel your plan at any time from your account.

how much is butternut box a month?

When it comes to the pricing of the Butternut Box, I will say that it is convenient for you. The plan of pricing depends on the pouches that you buy. They say that the more you will buy, the more effective the plan becomes. Let me give you the figures.

200gs of pouch = £1.60 a day

400gs of pouch = £2.51 a day (for 28 pouches)

If the same pouches are for 42 days, the daily price will be

400g pouches for 42 days = £ 2.36 a day.

Is there a minimum order? Well, there is no minimum order to buy but a small fee of £2 will be added to the boxes that cost less than £10.

Most dogs need one pouch per day to meet the calorie diet that is required by them. However, the pouches can be split too into smaller meals for your dog.

Is Butternut Box food expensive?

No, if you compare it to the other fresh food dog brands, it is not overly expensive. The fresh food cannot come for cheap prices. The cost depends on the size of the dog and the number of meals that are ordered. However, one meal usually falls somewhere between £2.50 to £3.50 per day.  

Can you mix Butternut Box food with food at home?

Mixing butternut box food with other home food

Yes, you can. If you are looking for cheaper options for your dogs, you can mix the foods. If you top up the food with the food at home, it will not be a bad compromise. This way your dog can get the Butternut Box and it also won’t be that much of a burden over your pocket. Many users opt for mixing the foods.

A change in dog food

2 dogs eating in a separate bowl

One thing that you should notice about the Butternut Box food is that they are trying to bring big changes in the dog foods for the betterment. They are not compromising on the quality of the dog food in any way and at the same time, they are offering a huge variety in their meals. The meals that they make show that they are made with great care.

The pros and cons of Butternut Box:

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of the company:



The recipes of Butternut Box

Butternut turkey, lamb, beef and pork pouches

When it comes to the recipes, there is a variety. One of the best things about this brand is that it is tailored completely to your dog so in the beginning you will be asked questions. For instance, they can ask you how active is your dog. Are there any health issues related to your pup? Once you have answered the question asked, a menu is devised for your dog depending upon the needs. I have mentioned some of the recipes below so you can get an idea. There are many, so there are chances that your dog will love something out of them.

  • Chicken you out
  • Beef it up
  • Gobble gobble turkey
  • The duo of duck and chicken
  • Wham bham lamb
  • Pork this way
  • Swish fish dish
  • Plant get enough
  • Ready steady veggie
  • You’ve got a game, etc.

The best thing is that we know that the preferences of the dogs can change with time. So, the Box will also grow with your dog. As you change information on the website, you will be provided with meals according to the new information.

The ingredients of the Butternut Box

butternut box fresh food in bowl

You must know that Butternut Box takes pride in its commitment to healthy, fresh ingredients when it comes to its dog food recipes. With a variety of so many personalized recipes, they need to make sure that the quality and suitability of the ingredients are up to the mark for your dog. Let’s break down the main ingredients, particularly the protein sources:


The first one is chicken which is a lean meat. It serves as a primary energy source with omega fatty acids and amino acids for a healthy coat and skin for your dog.


It is high in protein. Beef helps in building muscle mass and it provides essential nutrients like B vitamins, zinc, iron, and selenium to your dog.


This is an example of another lean white meat. Turkey is easily digestible and it promotes strong bones and muscle development. It’s an alternative for dogs that have allergies to beef or chicken.


You know that pork is a source of amino acids. It is rich in thiamine and supports bone strength and muscle building.


It comes packed with vitamin B12. Lamb can be seen as an excellent source of high-quality protein and essential dietary fats.


It is again a lean and digestible protein. Duck is known to be rich in iron and amino acids which makes it suitable for dogs that come with food sensitivities.


It is a healthy protein alternative. It is rich in omega fatty acids and is low in saturated fats. It is beneficial for dogs with chicken allergies.

Game (Minced Venison, Wild Boar, Guinea Fowl):

The Venison and wild boar are nutrient-rich as they contain iron, zinc, and B vitamins. Guinea fowl is a leaner alternative to chicken that offers essential nutrients to your dog.

Grain-Free Foods:

Butternut Box offers grain-free options. While the debate over grain-free diets continues and is complicated, the recipes of Butternut Box cater to dogs with grain intolerances and promote better skin, digestion, and energy levels in them. Additionally, a grain-free diet can help manage weight and it also addresses common obesity issues in dogs.

The emphasis of Butternut Box is on home-cooked convenience and then being delivered to your door, all of this makes sure that a variety of high-quality ingredients are tailored to meet the unique nutritional needs of your furry friend.

Is Butternut Box food raw?

No, it is not completely raw as they gently cook their meals which not only kills any pathogens but also helps your dogs to increase digestibility and makes the meals taste and smell much better. This is also because feeding raw dog food is also something that is very much debatable. Because of the harmful bacteria, many dog lovers avoid using raw foods at any cost. 

Is Butternut Box food hypoallergenic?

effects of butternut food on dog

Yes, it is. While highly processed dog foods often contain ingredients known to irritate hypoallergenic meals avoid them. When it comes to Butternut Box, they cook with good stuff and always avoid symptom-triggering ingredients. You can also customize your foods according to the requirements of your dog. This thing is easily available on their website. This way you can be sure of what are you providing your dog with. Another thing is that they are transparent about their ingredients and the dog lovers know all about the added ingredients.

Are there plant-based options in Butternut Box?

Yes, there are plant-based options in Butternut Box. A ready steady veggie is a nonmeat option. Another one is plants get enough. They are low in fat and are easy to digest for your dog. They include ingredients like butternut squash, cottage cheese, eggs, parsley, sweet potatoes, linseed, etc. These new options were announced after the pet owners requested them to do some plant-based recipes.

Are Butternut Box meals frozen? What’s the lifespan?

Yes, butternut box meals are frozen. They come in different meals. If using half, you can freeze the rest. The lifespan lasts up to a year but if you have opened a meal, you should use them quickly so that there are no dangers linked with the food.

Is a Butternut Box meal good for an adult dog?

Yes, Butternut Box meal is good for adult dogs. The meals come for dogs of all life stages. There is also a huge variety for choosing meals based on the personal experiences of your dog. So, this makes the food suitable.

Is a Butternut Box meal good for puppies?

Yes, a Butternut Box meal is good for puppies. They claim that all their research is conducted alongside nutritionists. There are proper guidelines that are followed. There is also a variety of foods to choose from which makes Butternut Box meal a healthier choice for your puppy.

List the benefits of Butternut Box foods

Gobble Gobble turkey butternut pouch

When it comes to the benefits, it offers several that contribute to its appeal among pet owners looking that are looking for high-quality, convenient, and personalized dog food options. Based on my own observation and research, I have mentioned some of them below:

Fresh and Healthy Ingredients:

Butternut Box prides itself on using fresh and healthy ingredients in its dog food recipes. Their emphasis is on real meat, vegetables, and other nutritious components to provide a well-balanced diet for dogs. This way your dog can have a healthy style along with food that suits them.

Variety of Recipes:

As mentioned above, there is a lot of variety in recipes. Butternut Box offers a range of options so that it is adjusted according to the different tastes and dietary needs of dogs. This variety allows you to choose the most suitable options for your furry companions.

Ingredient Information:

Butternut Box is transparent about its ingredients. It provides detailed information about the main components of each recipe. This feature is very important and needed because I have noticed that many of the brands do not do this. You just don’t know where exactly is your pet’s food coming from. This transparency allows pet owners to make better decisions about their dog’s diet.

Protein-rich Main Ingredients:

The main ingredients in the Butternut Box recipes are protein sources like chicken, beef, turkey, pork, lamb, duck, fish, and game. You can have both meat and vegetable options. These protein-rich ingredients contribute to the muscle development, coat health, and overall well-being of your dog.

Grain-Free Options:

The best thing to me is that Butternut Box offers grain-free recipes that it adjust to dogs with grain intolerances. Grains have been a part of a long debate and they still are but the brand just simply discarded something arguable by providing these diets. Grain-free diets may benefit dogs with allergies, sensitive skin, or digestive issues that are usually related to grain consumption.

Home cooking:

The concept of Butternut Box completely revolves around providing the convenience of home-cooked meals for dogs without the hassle of preparation. Interesting, isn’t it? The meals are delivered directly to the pet owner’s door and this is the good thing about saving time and effort.

Alternative Protein Sources:

Butternut Box also introduces novel protein sources like venison, wild boar, and guinea fowl. They are offering alternatives for dogs with allergies or sensitivities towards common proteins like chicken or beef. This is also a very good step that is beneficial in the long run.

Customized Portion Sizes:

Butternut Box provides customized portion sizes that are based on the individual dogs’ needs. They are taking into account factors such as age, weight, and activity level. This personalized approach helps in making sure that dogs receive the right amount of nutrition.

Elimination of Artificial Additives:

This is something that is very much concerning in the current times. However, the focus on using natural and fresh ingredients means that Butternut Box avoids artificial additives, colors, and preservatives in its recipes. This promotes a natural and wholesome diet for dogs.

Healthy Coats and Skin:

Ingredients like omega fatty acids in chicken and fish contribute to healthy coats and skin in dogs. This is because common issues such as itching and dryness get resolved and at the same time your dog gets the best foods.

The downsides of Butternut Box

Dog eating butternut  food

When it comes to the downsides, there are always some things that are not desirable. When it comes to Butternut Box, the major downside is the space in your fridge or freezer, especially if you have more than one pet. However, at the same time, it cannot be that much of a big issue. The food is frozen so it stays fresh. This way you have to properly make sure that it stays frozen. Other than this concern, their attention to detail is the thing that is making them flourish in a competitive environment.

Is the customer service of Butternut Box good?

Yes, the customer service of Butternut Box is very much friendly. The best thing is that even if you can get confused, you can amend, pause, and continue in between. You can also receive calls from them while using the product about honest reviews.

Final Words

Finally, I will say that in this time of growing competition, the Butternut Box meals have engraved their mark. When it comes to their price, it is not that much of a burden but it can be an issue for dog lovers with many dogs. For that, you can opt for mixing smaller meals. Overall, the company has so many good reviews. Hope that it stays the same!

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