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Forthglade Wet Dog Food Review: Hype or Reality?


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Want to see your dog dancing at his mealtime? Ditch all the filler-full dog food companies and switch to the famed Forthglade. Forthglade is a UK-based dog food company that started its journey in 1971 in the heart of Devon. They have developed by 53 years to give nutritionally balanced and well-formed dog food to your canine friend. Their wet food is made with natural components you would likely recognize in your home, so it does more than satisfy their needs. It nourishes them from head to toe, supporting shiny coats and good skin, boosting healthy digestion, and providing them with energy. So you can unquestioningly trust it to feed your dog their exceptional wet food.

Forthglade innovations

Forthglade wet dog food review

a person putting Forthglade wet dog food in bowl

Forthglade is a leading brand that supports your dog’s body and needs nourishment. They have a wide range of products, including dry dog food and treats, but their most-selling dog food is wet. All wet dog food only contains 100% natural ingredients with 0% nasties, colours, flavours, sugars, fillers, and preservatives.

The one good thing that all dog owners love about Forthglade is its meat content, which is mostly 75% in some recipes and 90% in complementary wet dog food. You can have all their wet dog food according to your canine stage, such as puppy, small, adult, and senior.

You can choose between various wet dog food options, such as grain-free or whole-grain options, which are best for your dog or puppy.

They offer the best offers to satisfy their customers. You can choose starter packs, variety packs, or even a single recipe with a single protein content.

Let’s start my genuine review of Forthglade wet dog food. I hope you will better decide which product of Forthglade will be the best choice for both. (you & your doggo)

Forthglade puppy wet dog food

Forthglade puppy, wet dog food, is designed to meet the growing needs of a puppy. The puppy wet food is packed with natural ingredients to support your furry friend’s health and happiness. The Forthglade’s puppy wet food range is for puppies between 2-12 months.

The lovable features of the puppy range are:

  • All natural ingredients in the recipes.
  • The grain-free recipes work excellently on sensitive stomach puppies.
  • You can choose between many flavours like lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, and beef.
  • Some recipes contain oats, which provide soluble fibre, Magnesium, Antioxidants, and protein that are good for developing puppies.
  • Minimizes the risk of allergic reactions with a limited-ingredient formula.
  • Prebiotics and gentle steaming promote healthy gut bacteria and easy digestion.

Forthglade puppy’s wet food range:

This range includes more than ten single recipes and various collaborate-packs, which you can easily select.

The complete puppy wet dog food is for puppies from the start of their solid feeding until adulthood. This range includes 75% meat content along with essential Vitamins and Minerals.

  1. Puppy chicken with oats & vegetables
  2. Puppy chicken with liver & Vegetables
  3. Puppy duck with oats & vegetables
  4. Puppy Chicken & Lamb wet food
  5. Puppy chicken with duck & oats wet food
  6. Puppy lamb with liver & vegetable wet food

The complementary wet puppy food lasts two months and contains 90% meat that can be used as a topper or mixed with kibble or any dry puppy food. This is included in the puppy range but is given to adult dogs. The range includes:

  1. Just duck (90%)natural wet dog food
  2. Just lamb (90%) natural wet dog food
  3. Just turkey (90%) natural wet dog food
  4. Just chicken with liver (90%), wet dog food
  5. Just chicken natural wet dog food
  6. Just beef wet dog food
  7. Chicken, chicken with liver, and turkey natural wet dog food
  8. Just chicken, lamb, and beef are natural wet complementary foods.

Our attested puppy product and its review:

Forthglade Just chicken natural wet dog food

The Just Chicken natural wet food recipe contains 90% chicken. My dogs and puppies love eating chicken, and this recipe gets high praise. So, before reviewing Forthglade wet dog food, I preferred to buy Just Chicken complementary wet food and found that this works for my 2-month-old puppy.

This is a grain-free recipe, so delicate tummies can benefit from it.

The chicken is gently cooked and steamed; you can feel its natural smell as if all the flavour remains.

It can be given as a treat or mixed with other food forms like cold pressed, pasta, brown rice, or vegetables.

I carry this recipe from my dog’s puppy time to senior age.

All the trays are 100% recyclable with FSG-certified casing.

The 90% chicken recipe is free from fillers and additives.

The best part about this recipe is its high meat content with essential minerals (0.38%), which is why all dogs love it.

I noticed that my small puppies’ skin coats got shinier and softer after I fed Forthglade wet dog food, and the high protein percentage gave them more energy to catch and capture everything around them. The only drawback I see is that in just 90% of recipes, all the ingredients, rather than a single protein, could be more precise. They stated that 0.38% is minerals, but which must be cleared.

Forthglade adult wet dog food

Forthglade adult wet dog food box

The Forthglade adult range is for dogs aged 1-7. The single recipe and variety packs ensure your dog gets a wholesome, easily digestible meal that supports its vitality and health. It ditches fillers and preservatives for a taste sensation, as it is made with various protein sources like salmon, sardines, lamb, turkey, chicken, and duck, which account for 75% of the total ingredient percentage.

The whole range includes:

  1. Salmon with sweet potato & vegetables
  2. Chicken with butternut squash & vegetables
  3. Turkey with sweet potato & vegetables
  4. Turkey, duck, and lamb adult wet dog food
  5. Turkey, chicken, and chicken with liver wet dog food
  6. Chicken and duck wet dog food
  7. Chicken and chicken with liver wet adult dog food
  8. Salmon and sardines grain-free wet dog food
  9. National Trust Turkey & goose and Duck & venison wet dog food

My most favourite recipe from the adult range:

Forthglade Turkey, Lamb, and chicken with rice variety pack

All three recipes in this variety pack are fully digestible, combining all the protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and much more. This top-choice recipe pack contains chicken with brown rice & vegetables, lamb with brown rice and vegetables, and turkey with brown rice and vegetables in which 75% counted for protein, 4% brown rice, carrots 2%, peas 2%, Linseed oil 0.5%, dried seaweed 0.45%, and Chicory roots extract 0.05% and all these ingredients have their benefits for the good nutritional efficiency in dogs.

All this information is company-stated, and what I see in all the Forthglade adult wet dog food, including this variety pack, is that the food looks too fresh and is more satisfying with consistency. If your dog has a robust immune system or can bear all the grains, brown rice will work excellently for him as a fibre, magnesium, and carbohydrate provider.

Forthglade uses seaweed in its meals to help make them firm, which you can cut into chunks. However, the seaweed blends consist of Rhodophyceae seaweed, which is carefully washed and dried without chemicals or other extraction processes. This means there is no carrageenan in there, and whilst carrageenan is entirely safe to use in both pet and human food, I am glad they wanted to ensure that their customers are 100% happy with all the recipes. One downfall I am going to share about their adult wet dog food range is that all the recipes contain 50mg/ kg Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which is low as Vets recommend 500mg for medium dogs.

If you are interested in buying, please visit:

Forthglade Senior wet dog food

a dog laying on the floor next to a Forthglade Senior wet dog food

As the dog crosses his seven years of life, he becomes a senior dog. He, therefore, needs food that is different from puppy and adult dog food because puppies need more energy and protein, and adult dogs need average protein. In contrast, senior dogs’ wet food must be low in calories and protein. For this purpose, we will choose the best senior wet dog food, like Forthglade. I also favour this brand’s senior we dog food recipes because they use 60% single-source protein with a lot of Omega 3 and 6 and Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint and bone health.

The whole senior recipes are:

  1. Senior turkey with butternut squash and vegetables, wet dog food
  2. Senior lamb with butternut squash and vegetables, wet dog food
  3. Senior white fish with brown rice & vegetables, wet dog food
  4. Senior lamb with brown rice & vegetables, wet dog food
  5. Senior white fish and lamb with brown rice wet dog food
  6. Senior turkey and lamb with butternut squash wet dog food

The positive points I get from Forthglade senior wet food:

  1. All the recipes are too light, with 15% less fat than adult wet dog food.
  2. I love that Forthglade’s products’ ingredients are clear and true, and owners are very satisfied with what they are offering and what they are buying.
  3. It includes healthy gelling agents to thicken the food rather than cheap fillers.
  4. Although the senior recipes are not the main pointed section of Forthglade, they get 81% ratings on AADF.
  5. The prices are within brackets, not out of the reach of average customers.
  6. Forthglade includes Chelated minerals that are easier for dogs to absorb than the non-Chelated minerals most pet food companies use in their products.
  7. Butternut squash is a good source of digestible fibre and good for immune functioning, and senior recipes contain around 6% butternut squash, which does better and quick food digestion.

Something wrong in Forthglade:

  • I noticed senior dogs never like the taste; they get fussy as they age.

Common questions about Forthglade wet dog food

a woman sitting on a couch with a dog hold Forthglade wet dog food box

What are the benefits of feeding my puppy Forthglade wet food?

Benefits include high meat content,  natural ingredients, support for digestion, brain development, joint health, healthy skin & coat, and various flavours to keep your pup interested.

How much does Forthglade puppy food cost?

Forthglade is generally considered mid-range priced compared to other wet puppy food options in the market. Although the prices are favourable, they never compromise quality.

Does Forthglade offer food for dogs with specific dietary needs?

Yes, Forthglade offers options for dogs with dietary needs such as grain sensitivities and food allergies. Their range includes grain-free recipes and single-protein options. They focus on natural, hypoallergenic ingredients. The added supplements support bones and joint health in dogs.

How should Forthglade wet dog food be stored?

Unopened Forthglade wet dog food should be stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, it should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 48 hours. Proper storage helps maintain the food’s freshness and nutritional value.

From where can I buy Forthglade wet dog food in the UK?

You can buy all the range from their official Forthglade website or Amazon UK and PetsAtHome. Local physical stores or supermarkets like ASDA, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose also stock Forthglade and other pet foods.

Is Forthglade wet dog food messy to serve?

The texture of Forthglade wet food might vary depending on the recipe. Brothier options could be messier than pate-like textures.

Does Forthglade wet dog food smell strong?

Wet dog food can generally have a distinct smell. Forthglade prioritizes natural ingredients so that the odour might be less artificial than that of other brands. It has a strong smell, but it is one that dogs like.

Can I freeze Forthglade wet dog food?

Yes, you can freeze Forthglade wet food in portion-controlled containers for later use if you purchase too much or your dog is not eating due to a health condition. Thaw it completely in the refrigerator before serving.

My review on Forthglade wet dog food: Recall

After giving my entire experience with Forthglade puppy, adult, and senior wet dog food, I concluded that it is the best pet dog food brand with high meat content, calling up to 60%, 75%, and 90% in complementary recipes. They include all the natural ingredients like peas, butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots, brown rice, and oats. All the herbs and oils give the best results for dogs’ health. Free from artificial additives and rich in essential vitamins and minerals, Forthglade supports overall health.

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