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Wet Dog Food Feeding Calculator and Guide


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Feeding your dog a specific kind of diet can be confusing for you. This is because today, you have so many options and this creates confusion if your dog’s food is the one they need. Are you feeding them the right amount of food?

When it comes to wet food, similar questions arise. The most common among them is what is the right amount of your dog the canned foods. Well, if you are confused about the same question, you don’t have to worry anymore about it as I’ve gotten you covered here. So let’s dive in!

Dog Feeding Calculator

Find out how much raw food you should feed your pet with our easy-to-use feeding calculator. Just enter your dog’s age, weight, dietary Goals, and activity level to receive personalized feeding recommendations for optimal health.

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Feeding your dog a specific kind of diet can be confusing for you. This is because today, you have so many options and this creates confusion if your dog’s food is the one they need. Are you feeding them the right amount of food?

When it comes to wet food, similar questions arise. The most common among them is what is the right amount of your dog the canned foods. Well, if you are confused about the same question, you don’t have to worry anymore about it as I’ve gotten you covered here. So let’s dive in!

What makes wet dog food convenient?

wet food from can

Well, many experts will be giving you many different reasons. The first among these will always be that it is easier to chew. If your dog has any kind of dental issues, wet food can be helpful for them. These foods are rich in moisture and they help in keeping your pup hydrated. They can be very helpful if your pup doesn’t drink enough water. Further, the wet foods contain a good amount of protein, especially if you compare them to the dry foods. They are also known to have fewer synthetic preservatives compared to dry kibble. So, all these reasons make wet food a convenient option for pet owners around the globe.

Is it okay to feed your dog with only wet food?

Yes, you can feed your dog only wet food. Wet food contains a lot of moisture compared to dry dog food and is best for dogs that need extra hydration. Research says that around 45 percent of pet owners aren’t even aware of the hydration needs of their pets. For instance, dogs with kidney problems can benefit from it. It is also easier to eat because of the moisture and taste it is better than the dry kibble. They are also known to have better meat content. This way you can feed your dog wet food every day.

Feeding chart for wet dog food

Now, let’s discuss the feeding chart. The chart provides you with the average amount of food based on the weight of your dog so that you can get an idea about what your dog needs. You can further increase or decrease the amount of food to test if it is the actual amount required. So, to find out the feeding requirements is not that much of a difficult task and you have several ways of finding it out.

The Calories

The first and most common way of finding out is through the calories. Each dog has a different weight and that tells about the daily calories that they require. If you don’t know how to find the calories, you can find it yourself through the formula below.

You have to multiply the animal’s body weight in kilograms raised to the ¾ power by 70. For instance,

An adult neutered dog of healthy weight = 10 kg

They need RER = 70(10kg)¾ ≈ 400 Calories/day.

You can also consult the calorie chart provided below. It gives you an average amount of requirements according to the given weight.

a table with a list of calories for dogs

Now that you know the daily calorie requirements of your dog, you just have to adjust the food with it. Let’s take a supposed example.

The calorie requirement = 1200 calories/day

Calories mentioned on the can = 1500 calories

Meals a day for dog = 2 meal/day

First, you have to separate the 1200 calories of the can, for that, you have to divide the food in it i.e,

4/5 × 1500 = 1200

You need to divide the can into 5 parts and the four parts will be needed for your dog’s daily food requirement.

Now, you have to calculate the meals.

Meals required by your dog = 2

So, divide the daily food calories by 2 and you will get 600 calories. So, on average the meal of your dog has to be 600 calories.

You can further increase or decrease the amount if there are some needed changes.

Food chart in grams:

a comparison of the ingredients for a dog's diet

Further, you can find food charts behind the dog food packaging as well. Another way of finding the food requirement is through the food division in grams. The following chart will give you an insight into how much-canned food is required by your dog on average, based on the given weight of your dog.

Factors to keep in mind while calculating wet food intake?

a close up of a dog eating wet food off of a plate

Several important factors affect the caloric intake of your dog. These factors determine the amount of food that is required by your dog. All of my friends, along with me, make sure that these are taken into account before considering the diets of our dogs. So, let’s have a look.

The weight of your dog:

Your dog’s weight is among the fundamental factors to calculate the amount of food that is required by their body. Dogs with more weight will be needing more wet food to meet their daily needs. However, you have to make sure that your dog is neither overweight nor facing malnutrition.

The activity level:

This is another fundamental factor for calculating the amount of wet food. You must be aware of the basic rule that the more work you do, the more calories you are burning. The same is applied to your dog. Dogs that go through a lot of activity need more calories. You shouldn’t be worried about their weight under these conditions because their activity makes them burn calories at the same speed.

The age of your dog:

Age is another important factor. Young and adult dogs are known to be active and thus they need more calories per day to sustain a healthy weight. However, as they grow older, their body goes through a lot of changes and at the same time, their activity level also decreases. Thus, feeding them the same amount of food as an adult dog can result in turning them into an overweight pet. So, you have to keep their age into account as well.

The metabolism:

It refers to the metabolic rate at which your dog burns the calories. Some dogs are known to burn calories naturally compared to others. This is all defined by their metabolism. Thus, with the help of your vet, you have to keep this thing into account as well, while choosing the right amount of wet food for your dog.

Health conditions:

Different dogs have different kinds of issues related to their bodies. For instance, some have allergies, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, etc. Because of this, their bodies need special diets. And those diets need proper calculation before they are fed. A veterinarian can help you better under such circumstances so that your dog gets the appropriate food amount that is required.

The food formula:

Different foods are known to have different kinds of nutrition. Even if you are looking specifically at the wet food brands, even while being the same food type, each brand will have its caloric densities. So, the best way for this is to check the nutritional chart at the back of your dog’s food. It will tell you how many calories there are in it and you can just divide the food based on that.

Feeding frequency:

The feeding frequency of your dog is also an important factor while dividing their food. Some dogs eat twice, some eat 3 to 4 times. For this, the calorie amount stays the same. You just have to divide those calories into different meals so that there is no inconvenience.

The breed and size of your dog:

You know that the bigger the size of your dog is, the more calories they will need. The same is applied to the wet foods. Also, different breeds of dogs can have differences in their metabolisms, and this way their food intake amounts can be different from each other. Smaller breeds may have different caloric requirements compared to the larger breeds.

How much-wet dog food is equal to dry dog food?

You cannot exactly compare both of these foods. This is because each food has a different formula and based on that, the calorie amounts keep changing. For, this it is recommended to follow the instructions that are given behind the food packaging. However, the basic concept revolves around the daily calorie requirements. You just have to divide the foods according to the calories and you will know how much you have to feed.

Transitioning to wet dog food

Whenever you are transitioning to wet dog food, make sure that you are making it happen slowly. You should introduce the wet food mixed with the food they already eat, in little amounts so that your dog gets used to the new food easily. You also have to be observant and notice the dog’s behavior. If their behavior isn’t too positive and they are having consistent health problems from the new food, consult your vet immediately.

Common mistakes to avoid

a dog laying in the grass

There are some mistakes that a lot of pet owners make while looking at the wet food charts. Based on some of my own experiences and research, I have highlighted some of them below so let’s have a look.

  1. Each dog has their own needs. There are so many factors that determine the amount of calories, so make sure that you are not avoiding them. A diet that is suitable for another dog of the same breed, might not be suitable for your dog.
  2. Whenever you are trying to calculate the calories for your dog, be observant and notice the changes in their weight and health. Regularly monitor the status and adjust the feeding amounts accordingly.
  3. The food quality also matters a lot. Some foods are cheaper but you are required to feed them in a higher amount to fulfill the required needs for your dog’s body.
  4. Make sure that the tools that you are using for measuring your dog’s requirements are accurate. If you are not paying attention, you might exceed the feeding limit.
  5. Many pet owners are of the view that the feeding guidelines behind the food packaging are unreliable. This is something that you should not be avoiding. The tables might mix up some things but they can be very insightful while providing you with the calorie amounts. Also, the manufacturers are more aware of the formulas compared to some random internet folks. There are some brands with the worst wet dog food reputation, so the only thing you can do here is to opt for reliable brands.
  6. If there are any changes in your dog’s diet or behavior, do not ignore them. I will recommend you to consult your vet or somebody who is a professional.
  7. Another big mistake that some of the pet owners make is that they neglect their dog’s water intake. The thought that the wet food is rich in moisture, makes them think that the fresh water won’t be needed much. This is a misconception and can be dangerous. Your dog still needs a good amount of fresh water to stay hydrated.
  8. Do not solely rely on the feeding charts. The requirements can still vary. So, observe the changes and keep adjusting the requirements accordingly. Once you get on track, it becomes easier. However, you do have to focus a lot initially.

Why is a wet dog food calculator needed?

Many reasons to make a food calculator important for you. Keeping these into account, you’ll be able to choose the right amount of food for your dog.

  1. It tells you about the food requirements of your dog so you can create the right balance of nutrients.
  2. A feeding chart helps you maintain your dog’s weight. If your dog is facing weight control problems, you can benefit a lot from it.
  3. Some dogs have health-related issues and for that, the owners are required to calculate the exact amount of food.
  4. Some owners go to feed their dogs with different types of foods mixed at the same time. For that, you also have to look at the caloric and feeding charts.
  5. For cost-efficient practices, the tables are again very important. When you are feeding the exact amount of food that your dog needs, you can lessen the burden on your budget.


To conclude, I will say that always be sure that you are feeding your dog according to their food requirements. The reason there is stress on this is that you can save your dog from several diseases by just making sure that they are having a healthy and rich diet.

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