About Us

Welcome to WeKnowYourDogs.co.uk, your trusted ally in the world of dog care and product reviews. Spearheaded by Adam, a devoted dog aficionado, and Dr. Emily Smith, a seasoned veterinarian, our website aims to be a go-to resource for every dog owner seeking reliable information and reviews.

About Us

Adam’s Corner

Adam’s relationship with dogs is built on a foundation of love and trust, tracing back to his childhood bond with Tiger, a pet adopted by his father. Over the years, Adam has observed countless dogs struggling with health issues arising from poor dietary choices. Paired with the glaring absence of unbiased dog product reviews in the UK, this motivated Adam to bridge the gap and serve as a beacon of trustworthy information for dog owners.

Joining forces with Dr. Emily Smith, Adam expanded his vision to encompass not just food but a variety of dog products that contribute to a canine’s overall wellbeing. Together, they critically assess products, bringing to light essential facets that many brands might sideline.

Passion Statement:

“Dogs, like my beloved Tiger, have been life-long companions, teaching me invaluable lessons on loyalty, love, and the essence of care. Their silent battles against uninformed dietary choices spurred me into action. With the guidance and expertise of Emily, I am committed to ensuring that dog owners have the accurate knowledge needed for the well-being of their cherished pets. We promise to provide unbiased, expert-based reviews to all dog enthusiasts in the UK and beyond.”

Meet Dr. Emily Smith

With a decade of clinical practice under her belt, Dr. Emily Smith stands as a beacon of veterinary excellence. A graduate of the University of Bristol, she is a certified member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Dr. Smith’s vast experience encompasses both small and large animal care, with expertise in diagnostic medicine, surgery, and preventative care. Her love for animals resonates deeply in her commitment to amplifying pet health and owner education. Apart from her sterling clinical work, Dr. Smith has significantly contributed to veterinary academia, presenting her findings at various conferences and publishing multiple research articles.

Work Experience & Accomplishments:

Senior Veterinarian, London Veterinary Clinic (2017-Present):

Led and mentored a team of 5 veterinarians.

Diagnosed and treated over 5,000 diverse cases, from standard check-ups to intricate emergency surgeries.

Pioneered a digital record-keeping strategy, enhancing clinic efficiency by 30%.

Associate Veterinarian, Bristol Animal Hospital (2012-2017):

Extensively worked on the care and treatment of small animals.

Co-penned a pivotal research paper on canine nutrition published in the Journal of Veterinary Science.

Veterinary Intern, Manchester Animal Care (2010-2012):

Supported senior veterinarians in surgeries and diagnostic procedures.

Orchestrated community outreach via workshops focusing on pet care, nutrition, and safety.

At WeKnowYourDogs.co.uk, our mission is rooted in ensuring the holistic well-being of your four-legged friends. We believe in authenticity, transparency, and the unwavering love for dogs. Join us in our endeavor to create a better world for our canine companions.