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We pick 6 Best Wet Dog Food for Fussy Eaters UK


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a dog laying on the floor next to a bowl of food

Fussy eaters, you can find him at your home, which is seriously a big concern as you wonder which dog food will entice your fussy dog to eat tummy-full food and also the food that has more nutritional values—wet dog food: a tasty fix for picky eaters. Even the pickiest of dogs are drawn in by the delicious textures and tempting scents of wet food. Wet dog food delivers a delightful meal experience customized to your dog’s preferences with various flavours and healthy ingredients. Wet dog food for picky eaters will wave you to say goodbye to difficult mealtimes. Here, you get the best-wet dog food for fussy eaters in the UK with my unique insight and the help of my team members.

Best Wet dog food for fussy eaters at a glance

1- Winalot Sunday dinner mixed in gravy wet dog food 40×100 (Best buying in bulk option)

a dog is being fed a bowl of food

Winalot is a brand under Purina that was a hit in the UK several years back. Every ingredient they add to their recipes has nutritional value that will satisfy both pet owners and pets. All the listed recipes contain single protein like lamb, salmon, duck, turkey, Beef, Chicken, pork, animal & meat derivatives, fresh veggies, nutrient-rich fat, Vitamins, Minerals, and antioxidants.

About Winalot range:

All the recipes in their range are favored by picky eaters. They have introduced multiple packs based on single-protein ingredients. The range includes meaty chunks (4x Chicken, Beef & lamb), Small dog classic meal (4x Chicken, lamb, & Beef), 0-12 month puppy meaty chunks (6x chicken and 6x lamb), and 7+ year Senior dog recipe (Chicken with carrot 6x, and Beef with potato6x) that not only made explicitly for age levels but also sponsored by fussy dogs.

About Sunday dinner wet dog food:

Meaty Chunks Rich in Beef with Potatoes(20x):

Meat and animal derivatives (of which Beef is 14% in the chunks*)

Cereals, Vegetables (1% dehydrated potatoes equivalent to 9% potatoes). The Chicken with carrots (10x) recipe is a mix of  Meat and animal derivatives (of which Chicken is 14% in the chunks*), Cereals, and Vegetables (0.8% dehydrated carrots equivalent to 7% carrots). Lamb with carrots recipe (10x) count for Meat and animal derivatives (of which lamb 14% in the chunks*), Cereals, Vegetables (0.8% dehydrated carrots equivalent to 7% carrots).

Eye-catching benefits:

  • It is 100% natural and complete dog food.
  • It helps dogs to digest food quickly so that they will be ready for the next eating batch.
  • It smells so pleasant that it enchants dogs to eat more.
  • I have never witnessed any allergy that my dog has with this product.
  • Pouches finishing is so good that you can travel with these.
  • My fellow asked me to use Butternut Box but I prefer Winalot and believe me, the Winalot costs me half as compared to Butternut Box.


  • The pouches are too small that means tiny quantity food in it.
  • Their delivery system needs some improvement as the driver rang my door’s doorbell and skipped the parcel that was open-ended but thankfully not damaged.

Points counted also:

  • Please ensure your dog drinks more water when taking this food.
  • A 5kg dog needs 6 pouches, a 10kg dog needs 9 pouches, and a 25kg dog needs 16 pouches a day if you only feed wet dog food to an average activity-level dog.

Click and get my number 1 favourite wet dog food if you have a fussy eater.

2- Forthglade Just Chicken, lamb, & Beef complementary wet dog food(Best as a treat to fussy eaters)

Two dogs eating Forthglade Chicken, lamb, & Beef complementary wet dog food

Forthglade variety pack of 12x395g is the best-wet dog food for fussy eaters because of its natural & fresh ingredients, 90% protein content, hypoallergenic recipe, and recyclable trays. It is a complementary meal that can be mixed with dry dog food cold pressed food, or with some carbohydrates like brown rice, pasta, or vegetables. You can give this meal separately as a topper or treat if you have a fussy eater with a moderate activity level.

The complementary pack of 12x395g is the mix of:

4x chicken- Crude Protein 11.5%, Crude Fibre 0.2%, Crude Fat 8.5%, Crude Ash 4%, Moisture 75%. (90% chicken in the recipe is a good digestive point, attracts picky eaters, and provides a good amount of amino acids and omega’s.

4x Lamb- Crude Protein 11%, Crude Fibre 0.2%, Crude Fat 8%, Crude Ash 4%, Moisture 75%. (90% lamb will provide Zinc & Iron at a great level that supports the dog’s immune system)

4x Beef-  Crude Protein 11.5%, Crude Fibre 0.2%, Crude Fat 5.5%, Crude Ash 3%, Moisture 78%. (90% Beef will make the coat silkier and shinier)

Bright Spot:

  • Dogs happily eat their food with no ill effects- all are good.
  • Junk-free and hypoallergenic recipe.
  • As the trays get bursed or teared, they will refund you.
  • There is no dairy, gluten, or raw eggs in it.
  • Excellent product: Archies likes this, so I mix it with Winalot and some biscuits.

Unfavourable points:

  • The beef trays are too smelly, like cow’s poo.
  • There are many issues in their food packaging and delivery. (mostly when you buy from Amazon)


  • Don’t feed too much complementary food daily to obese dogs as a whole, as it will make them more fatty or cause some kidney issues.
  • If your dog is new in the transition period, please give him 5 -7 days for any new complete or complementary dog food.

Shop this wonderful complementary wet dog food for fussy eaters from Amazon:

3- Applaws 100% Natural Wet Dog Food Topper, Chicken Selection in Broth (best wet dog food topper for dry dog food)

Dog eating Applaws 100% Natural Wet Dog Food

As a dog owner who prioritizes pet’s health and happiness, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality food options that will provide both nutrition and enjoyment to dogs who are very picky to eat anything. Applaws, with its focus on natural ingredients and variety, caught my attention as a brand that aligns with my values. This is a B-Corporation, which means it has more to do with social and environmental security & development.

First Impression:

Upon receiving the Applaws Chicken Selection in Broth, I saw the emphasis on natural ingredients reflected in the packaging. The metal tins and cardboard packaging are both recyclable.

Inspecting the contents of the tins, I appreciated the visible chunks of chicken breast and vegetables. The absence of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives reassured me of the product’s quality. The high protein content and good texture seemed promising for my active dog’s needs.

About the product:

Applaws Gravy tin selection pack of 8 tins contains three recipes in it:

3x Chicken with Duck in Gravy 156g Tin

3x Chicken with Beef in Gravy 156g Tin

2x Chicken with Lamb in Gravy 156g Tin

Chicken with duck in gravy contains (Chicken Breast 45%, Duck 5%, Vegetable Gelling Agent, Potato Starch). Chicken with Beef in Gravy (Chicken Breast 45%, Beef 5%, Vegetable Gelling Agent, Potato Starch). Chicken with Lamb in Gravy (Chicken Breast 45%, Lamb 5%, Vegetable Gelling Agent, Potato Starch) and all the flavours are loved by dogs without stomach sensitivity. The packaging style prevents you from creating a mess when serving. You just open it, stir it, and mix it (either on kibble or serve it as a whole).

Pros we like after reviewing Applaws wet topper:

  • High-quality, natural ingredients provide nutrition and appeal to dogs.
  • It is a good option for puppies and adult fussy eaters.
  • Visible chunks of chicken breast and vegetables enhance the meal’s visual appeal.
  • You can introduce it as a main meal or a topper for dry dog food for your fussy eater.
  • It is the best-wet dog food for sensitive stomachs and fussy eaters, promoting digestive health.
  • Eco-friendly slim pouches that get easily opened.
  • It smells perfect and convinces your dog to eat it.


  • Occasional reports of unexpected findings like sharp bones or excessive fat content.
  • It has a relatively higher price point than other wet dog food options that you can only use as a treat. I think so…
  • Limited flavour options available in the product range.
  • It may not be suitable for dogs with specific dietary restrictions or allergies.

What you should know more?

  • Applaws pet food company provides quality recipes in broth, bone broth, jelly, stew, and, of course gravy to add more flavour & nutrition in one bowl for your fussy friend.
  • You can have this product locally or from the online store, as this company does not trade with customers directly.

Shop from Amazon:

Save £4.69. Learn about more offers on Petsathome:

4- Lily’s Kitchen Chicken Puppy Recipe (150g) (Best for fussy puppy)

Dog with Lily's Kitchen Chicken Puppy Recipe

As a loyal pet food reviewer, I strive to provide my puppy with the best nutrition for growing needs. Lily’s Kitchen Chicken Puppy Recipe caught my attention with its promise of wholesome ingredients and specially formulated recipes. The recipes include Chicken (67%), Potatoes (2%), Carrots (1%), Vitamins & Minerals, and Salmon Oil (Source of Omega 3 & 6).

Golden Rod, Nettles, Aniseed, Rosehips, Marigold Petals, Cleavers, Kelp, Alfalfa, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, and Celery Seeds herbs are also part of this recipe, making it a perfect food for the fussy puppy.

Positive Features of Chicken Puppy recipe:

We include it on the top list as it has multiple features:

  • Specially Formulated for Puppies: The recipe is tailored for puppies up to 8-14 months, depending on breed, ensuring that it meets the unique nutritional requirements of growing dogs.
  • Proper Meat Content: I appreciated Lily’s Kitchen’s dedication to using adequate meat in their recipes, without any meat, rendered or bone meal.
  • No Fillers or Nasties: The absence of cheap fillers like wheat, corn, or soya, as well as any artificial additives, reassured me that my puppy was getting a wholesome meal without unnecessary additives.


  • My puppy absolutely adores this food! His excitement during mealtime is evident as he eagerly watches me prepare his dish and cleans his bowl without hesitation. The texture of the food is also suitable for him, making it easy to mash up for his tiny mouth.
  • The recipe’s Salmon oil will best suit the skin and dog’s coat.
  • The recipe contains 80% moisture, so if your dog is not good at drinking water, that is perfect to hit his two issues. (thirst & Picky nature)
  • Lily’s Kitchen is vet-approved, and nutritionists in the UK recommend this brand for fussy eaters.
  • Mixing it with kibble will fascinate your puppy.


  • Some users have reported experiencing poor customer service, potentially impacting their overall satisfaction with the product and brand.
  • It is not good if your dog is allergic to Chicken.

See the price and offers on Lily’s Kitchen:

5- NATUREDIET Feel Good Selection Pack Complete Wet Food, 390g (Pack of 16)

Dog eating NATUREDIET Feel Good Selection Pack Complete Wet Food

Naturediet is a UK-based brand that uses Tetra Packs (sterilized packs before filling) packaging with simple and wholesome ingredients that picky eaters surpass. As a diligent pet owner always seeking the best for my furry companion, I eagerly tried the NATUREDIET Feel Good Selection Pack Complete Wet Food before writing this wet dog food review. I was not previously known with this brand. Here’s my experience:


  • Natural Ingredients: I was drawn to this product’s promise of 100% natural ingredients in all its four recipes, including real 4xchicken, 4xlamb, 4x turkey & Chicken, and 4x Chicken & lamb, along with wholesome additions like rice and carrots. This reassured me that my dog would be getting a nutritionally balanced diet.
  • Nutritional Balance: Each 390g pack offers a complete and balanced meal containing essential vitamins and minerals necessary for my dog’s well-being. This aspect appealed to me, as I strive to provide my pet with optimal nutrition.
  • Gentle Digestion: One of the key features that caught my attention was the claim of gentle digestion, as the four recipes in it are free from colour, preservatives, and grain.
  • Convenient Packaging: The eco-friendly carton packaging was another plus point. Not only is it sustainable, but it also makes portioning, storage, and refrigeration of leftovers hassle-free.


naturediet Wet dog Food
  • Dogs love to smell before eating, and they advocate this pack as it contains 60% meat proportion with intense good meaty smell.
  • You can see the precise results on the dog’s skin and coat’s hair. They shine like never before.
  • My dog showed no signs of digestive upset, indicating that the food is gentle on sensitive stomachs.
  • The availability of multiple flavours allows for rotational feeding, keeping mealtime exciting for my dog.


  • While my dog didn’t experience any problems, a few users mentioned digestive issues like dryness in texture and constipation in dogs.
  • There were occasional complaints about an odd smell, particularly with certain flavours like turkey and Chicken, which might affect some dogs’ appetites.
  • Unfortunately, Naturediet cannot deliver dog foods to remote areas, such as Northern Ireland, ROI, and the Channel Islands, which is a significant shortcoming.

View price and more detail on Naturediet:

6- Burns Pet Natural Nutrition Adult & Senior Wet Dog Food Organic Chicken, Carrots & Organic Brown Rice 6 x 395gm

Two dogs sitting behind Burns Pet Natural Nutrition Adult & Senior Wet Dog Food

Burn Pet Food company has been certified to win the Insider Made In Wales 2023 awards and Pet Federation Industry 2023 awards. As a devoted dog owner committed to providing my canine companion with nutritious and delicious meals, I decided to try out Burns Complete Wet Dog Food and the result on my finicky dogs.

Burns Pet Company’s Features :

  • Wholesome Ingredients: Burns wet food boasts fresh, healthy ingredients like wholegrain brown rice, carrots, and essential vitamins and minerals. This emphasis on quality ingredients appealed to me, as I prioritize my dog’s health and well-being. They sourced all the meat from Wales.
  • Variety of Flavours: The Burns range offers several tasty varieties, including free-range Chicken, hearty lamb, wild fish, and wholesome turkey. This variety ensures that there’s something to suit every dog’s palate.
  • Hypoallergenic Formulas: Burns wet food is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for dogs with sensitive skin and digestion. It’s free from common allergens like Beef, wheat, soy, and dairy, ensuring optimal tolerance. Burns introduced grain-free, sensitive tummies and weight control recipes to meet the dog’s dietary requirements.
  • Offers to customers: Burns’ first-time customers will get 20% off on their first order. They give customers over £47 worth of free shipping; if you buy 14 kg of food, you will get 2kg of free food inside the box. Due to exceptional food quality, packaging, and good customer service, Burns gets 4.5% ratings on Amazon, 4.2% on Trustpilot, and 4.8% on Feefo, which is a good achievement.


  • Despite being a fussy eater, my dog Teddy readily enjoyed Burns’s wet food. His empty bowl and lack of hesitation indicated his approval of the taste and texture.
  • The recipe is within everyone’s range.
  • The specific wet dog food I tried contained 6 delicious trays of free-range Chicken. The individual trays make portioning easy and convenient, ideal for busy pet owners, which means no wastage.


  • The carrot’s content is similar to meat, a big blameworthiness as 25% carrots to 26% chicken.
  • This is not so good for dogs with sensitive stomachs because it contains 12.5% brown rice, which is hard to digest.
  • Orders get canceled without sending emails about the issue.

Why my dog is a fussy eater? (reasons to control)

Fussy dogs are a big problem for pet parents because when they refuse to eat, the food gets wasted, and they never get proper nutrition. But, did you think why our dogs become fussy eaters?

  • Due to health issues like digestion, dental problems, or pain in the body.
  • If they get stressed due to a changed routine.
  • No exercise, as they never demand food if it has never been digested.
  • The food you are providing is not appetizing.
  • They lose their appetite in too hot or cold weather.
  • Feeding too much or at the wrong time without regulation makes them fussy eaters.
  • If dogs have any allergies. (either from food or environment)
  • Introducing a new brand or type of food may take time for your dog to adjust from puppy to adult dog food.
  • Due to age-related changes, older dogs may exhibit decreased appetite and become picky in food.
  • When you give dogs high-reward training food, they will regret eating healthy food.
  • Dogs with high-fat diets become picky about food.
  • Noise, smells, or distractions during mealtime may disrupt your dog’s focus on eating and make him fussy with food.
  • When pet owners never add varieties to dogs’ food, they get bored with the same food, thus refusing to eat everything.

What to consider before selecting wet dog food for fussy eaters?

All dogs never like all wet foods. So, consider these buying guides for fussy dog food.

  • Look for natural ingredients without artificial additives or fillers to entice your dog’s palate.
  • Choose wet food with a consistency your dog enjoys, whether chunky or smooth.
  • Prefer for convenient packaging that allows for easy portioning, storage, and refrigeration of leftovers to maintain freshness.
  • Choose food with high meat content, as dogs love to eat meat.
  • Try different protein sources like Chicken, Beef, fish, or lamb. Chicken is the most favourite meal for dogs.
  • Choosing a wet dog with a pleasant visual view means the green vegetables in the recipe will attract the dog’s attention.
  • Check for reputable brands with a history of producing high-quality, nutritious dog food. Also, the customer’s reviews and ratings can help you choose excellent food for fussy eaters.


How can I encourage my fussy eater to try wet dog food?

Mix a small amount of wet food with their current dry food to gradually introduce the new taste and texture. You can also try different wet dog food toppers to induce them to eat. Check out this article too:

Can wet dog food help with weight management in picky eaters?

Wet dog food tends to have fewer calories per gram than dry food, making it a suitable option for picky eaters who need to maintain or lose weight.

What are the other brands that also consider fussy eaters when offering wet dog food?

Some other brands also offer variety-based wet dog food to fussy eaters. They include:

  1. WainWright
  2. Nature’s Menu
  3. Naturo
  4. Butcher’s
  5. Wellness Core

What is the best-ever brand that offers wet dog food for fussy eaters?

Applaws Dog Food Company and Winalot are the best, according to my experience with my dogs. They are suitable for stomach, skin, coat, and overall, and my dogs love to eat even for several years.


The dogs get fussy for multiple reasons, refuse to eat everything, and add wet dog food that tastes yummy. After practical experiments and numerous hours of research on all the wet dog foods, I prefer some of the brands above, like Applaws, Naturediet, Lily’s Kitchen, Burn’s, Winalot, and Forthglade. We hope that if you buy it after reading our honest reviews on all the products, your dog will love the taste and start eating again.

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