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14 Home Made 80/10/10 Raw Dog Food Recipes


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Dog taking 80 10 10 raw food

Are you hesitant to feed your dog raw food due to complexity or cost? Making raw dog food at home using the 80/10/10 formula is a budget-friendly and quality-conscious solution. In this article, we provide quick and easy recipes incorporating essential supplements, veggies, seeds, and toppers for a nutritious and delicious meal. Beyond the debate on cooking raw dog food, discover the best 80/10/10 recipes and valuable raw feeding tips in this concise guide.

What to consider before making 80/10/10 recipes?

Dog sitting in front of meat  in his bowl

After the debate of can you can cook raw dog food or not, dog owners must take multiple perspectives into account before preparing a raw food diet for his dog:

  • Keep the proportion in mind: 80:10:10 means Meat, Organs,  And bones. The major problem in this ratio is inaccurate portioning and how much quantity for an old dog, so look at the chart.
Raw food ratio chart for dogs

  • Give your dog a variety of meats, like turkey, duck, fish, lamb, chicken, and beef.
  • You must be aware of the quality of meat you are purchasing and its source.
  • Avoid including toxic foods in the recipes, like onion, garlic, grapes, raisins, and certain nuts.
  • Choose meat that must be 80% lean and 10% fat-based.
  • Add supplements like omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins to the recipes.
  • If transitioning from a commercial dog food to a raw diet, do so gradually over 7-10 days to allow your dog’s digestive system to adjust.
  • Give a proportion of food per your dog’s health, age, and activity level for better development.
  • Refrigerate the meat at least 24 before feeding it to your dog.
  • Look at the dog’s ability to intake raw bones; if he is too young, we suggest you grind them before serving them to your pup.
  • Suppose you notice symptoms like hair loss, swelling around the paws, diarrhoea, ear infection, irritated skin, or itching and scratching. In that case, it means your dog is sensitive to some meat. So, try to feed them on fish, venison, duck, or rabbit meat because they contain novel proteins that soothe allergic dogs.

80/10/10 raw dog food recipes

Raw dog food means food that does not undergo processing and heat; meat is the central element of the diet. I included recipes combining various fruits and supplements with the concept of 80:10:10.

1- Ground Chicken, chicken liver, and chicken wings with multiple seeds

Chicken is the best source of high-quality proteins that develop multiple dog tissues. It also contains amino acids, vitamins B6 and B12, Phosphorus, and omega-3 fatty acids. Adding chicken liver as a main organ provides the dog zinc, iron, protein, and vitamins essential for his vision, energy, and immune system. Chicken wings are the edible bones that improve a dog’s dental condition. The whole recipe includes:

  • 80%  chicken breast
  • 10%  chicken liver + Chicken heart
  • 10% Chicken wings
  •  Flax seeds
  •  pumpkin seeds
  • Shea seeds
  •  Basil seeds
  • Kelp powder


Grind the whole chicken meat with chicken organs and wings and make it in a paste form.

Sprinkle all the seeds listed above in your dog’s food bowl, and your food is ready for serving.

2- Elk+ Venison meat, turkey necks, and chicken liver with rabbit fur

The elk and venison belong to the deer family, and their meat contains a high amount of lean protein and less fat. This meat is a novel protein in dogs that protects them from adverse allergies. These can be consumed raw or can be cooked to eliminate all the bacterial contemplation. What you need to make this recipe:

  • 80% elk + Venison meat
  • 10% around turkey necks
  • 10% around chicken liver
  • 2 pinch dried kelp
  • 3-5 drops liver tonic
  • Rabbit fur and food topper for presentation


Grind, chop, or cut the meat, organs, and bones into tiny pieces at your dog’s ease. Mix all the remaining items into it, and serve it with a food topper tour dog.

3- Lamb meat and chicken tripe with vegetables

If your dog is too picky like mine, Jake, who always turns his bowl half-eaten, I added delicious lamb meat with veggies into his diet, and he was just excited to finish his meal within seconds. This meat incorporates healthy fats, zinc, iron, and vitamin B12, making this meat more digestible. The chicken tripe is a special treat for your dog with a mouth-watering taste.

How do I prepare this recipe? You need:

  • 80% lamb meat
  • 10% chicken tripe
  • 10% Veggies ( kale, spinach, carrot, Broccoli, Zucchini, Swiss chark)
  • 1 pinch of sea salt
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


Grind the meat and organ together or dice it. Chop the veggies to a pleasing form and mix all the ingredients.

4- Ground turkey with fruity bites

We add fruit to this recipe list. Yes! Dogs surprisingly eat fruits like apples, raspberries, watermelons, cantaloupes, pears, and mangoes (without the pit), and my purpose is to add fruits to my dog’s raw food with the intent to grow my dog’s health because fruits are good for oral health, hydration, immune system, and contains healthy fibers.

The fruity fiesta recipe contains:

  • 80% ground turkey
  • 10% turkey necks
  • 10% fruits


Finely chop the necks and turkey meat or grind it, add tiny-sized fruits, and serve it to your cherished pooch. Remember to remove all the seeds and pits of fruits before serving.

5- Chicken and mutton medley

The chicken and mutton medley recipe combines the nutrients and acts as a captivating treat for the dog. Vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

 Make a dog entirely energetic and playful

. The recipe proportion is like this:

  • 80% chicken thighs
  • 10% ground mutton necks
  • 5% chicken liver
  • 5% mutton kidney


Wash the chicken and also make sure it is fresh. Chopped or blended chicken with mutton necks and add chopped organ meat to it.

6- Turkey and tripe twist

Turkey meat is suitable for dogs because it contains iron, zinc, selenium, and multiple minerals. The beef tripe in this recipe will make the gut system of a dog regular with fewer poop smells. It also contains healthy fatty acids. The recipe mix includes:

  • 80% ground turkey
  • 10% rabbit ribs
  • 10% beef tripe


Cut the tripe, turkey, and ribs if your heartfelt hound is young, but make it in a paste form in a grinder if your pup is too small. Also, make sure to work on the size of your dog, too.

7- Fishy treat

We added sardines to this recipe, a great way to give your dog healthy Omega3 fatty acids and iodine through an 80:10:10 diet. Giving fish two times a week can make growth better. The kelp adds more vitamins to the recipe; you can also use dried kelp.

  • 80% sardines (mashed)
  • 10% sardines head (ground)
  • 10% kelp chopped


Take sardines and mashed so they can be easy to eat, and add kelp with one tablespoon of olive oil.

You can replace sardines with salmon or mackerel or use chopped spinach instead of kelp. Your dog’s taste matters to us.

8- Kangaroo Carnival

Kangaroo meat contains higher levels of protein than beef and chicken, usually 20-25g per 100mg. It carries vitamins B12 and B6 and stands as an energy booster. It is much leaner meat and has only 2% fat. Remember that this meat is not readily available, so whenever you choose to add it to your pup’s diet, research its resources.

  • 80% protein
    1. Kangaroo meat 500 g
    2. Kangaroo liver 100 g
    3. Kangaroo heart 100 g
  • 10% bones+ veggies
    1.  Kangaroo Tail (ground)
    2. Chopped sweet potato
    3. Chopped broccoli
  • 10% supplements
    1. Coconut oil
    2. Nutritional yeast
    3. Kelp powder
    4. Eggshell powder


Grind the kangaroo liver, heart, and ground meat for better digestion. Afterward, chop all the veggies and make a proportion of 80:10:10 according to your furry fellow’s size and activity level.

9- Lean and lively Bison recipe

Bison is similar to buffalo (although much different) and has a fantastic taste that dogs love to eat. It is high in protein and iron and contains 5-10% fat less than beef meat, 15-20%.

  • 80% Ground Bison
  • 10% Bison Ribs
  • 5% Bison Liver
  • 5% Lamb Heart
  • Additional supplements
    • Coconut oil
    • Kelp powder
    • Unsalted bone broth
    • Muscle powder


Chopped heart and liver, ground the bison, ground meat and ribs, and mixed the two substances. Freeze the remaining portion for three days’ usage.

10- Rabbit Royale

Rabbit meat is the best supplement for protein and is very lean and light for a dog’s digestive system. Rabbit ribs can make bone broth, rich in collagen and other minerals, promoting joint health and gut function. It tastes delicious, and the smells put magic in the dogs’ minds and captivate them to finish packing a lunch or dinner. Rabbit bones are a choking hazard because they shatter readily. While your dog eats ribs, grind or watch over them.

  • 80% Ground Rabbit
  • 10% Rabbit Ribs
  • 5% Rabbit Liver
  • 5% Beef Kidney
  • Optional delight
    • A small piece of an apple or pear
    • A few blueberries or cranberries


Fragmentize the ribs, liver, and kidney, mix with ground rabbit meat with some fruits or seeds(if necessary), and present it to your pup.

11- Quacktastic raw dog recipe

As everyone knows, meat is a good source of protein. Similarly, you can feed an appreciable amount of protein by providing your little friend the meat of a duck. This meat also helps manage weight with the essential zinc, iron, vitamins, and nutrients. The duck heart and feet contain taurine, which is good for heart health, and calcium that works well for bone health but limits the level of a duck heart because it is high in vitamin A, and a lot of vitamin A results in poisoning in dogs (VCA animal hospital)

  • 80% Ground duck
  • 10% Duck feet, finely chopped
  • 5% Duck hearts, chopped
  • 5% pork liver


Chop the duck heart, feet, and pork liver, mix with ground duck, and sprinkle some parsley or basil.

12- Porky Palate

The combination of fat, muscle, and cartilage in pork offers a satisfying taste and texture. That is why I often recommend that my customers include raw pork in dog meals. Moreover, the chicken gizzard contains grit that is effective for food digestion and glucosamine and chondroitin that support the joint health of a puppy.

  • 80% Pork Shoulder
  • 10% Pork Neck Bones (ground)
  • 5% Pork Liver
  • 5% Chicken Gizzards


Make a paste of all the ingredients like pork shoulder, liver, and chicken gizzard, and convert it to a large bowl, you may add plain yogurt for added calcium and flavor. To make this recipe more fun, you can freeze the mixture into bone shapes or ice cube trays for a refreshing treat or Use fun bowls or shapes to serve the food.

Feeding quantity

The right amount will vary based on your dog’s age, size, and activity level. Starting with 2-3% of your dog’s body weight in raw food per day, split into two or three meals, is a good general recommendation. This would equate to about 12–18 ounces of raw food each day for a 20-pound dog.

13- Savoury treat mix recipe

80 10 10 recipe, pork meat, beef testicles, calf liver, and chicken gizzards, Egg, Blueberries, Collard greens

This recipe, which I got from my friend, is a mix of 80:10:10 raw food, and I would love to share it with you all. Pork meat, especially the shoulder or loin part, becomes thumbs up for the muscle repair and growth of the dog, but you can substitute this meat type with goat, lamb, or chicken. Beef testicles contain B12 and folate for the dog’s reproductive health, and the calf’s liver is full of vitamins A & B. The added treat of Collard greens provides vitamins C and K and strengthens your dog’s bones. The ingredient list is below:

  • 80% pork meat
  • 10% beef testicles, calf liver, and chicken gizzards
  • 10% chicken wings
  • Additional surprise
    • 1 Egg
    • Blueberries
    • Collard greens


Cut and mix all the ingredients listed above.

14- Quail treasure bowl

It contains hypoallergenic potential, which makes it a good alternative for dogs with common meat allergies. The beef spleen is a digestive enzyme source that aids digestion and nutrient absorption and helps maintain healthy red blood cell production.

  • 80% Quail Meat
  • 10% Quail Bones (ground)
  • 5% Quail Liver
  • 5% Beef Spleen
  • Bone broth, half cup
  • Mushrooms, 2-3
  • Turmeric powder, a pinch or two


Grind the meat and bone to stop any risk of food suffocation during eating. Bella & Duke is a brand that is recommended by my colleagues who feed their dogs raw. It comes in easy-to-use plastic trays that stack neatly in the freezer, and you just pop the tray on the side in a dish to defrost. To avoid creating a mess in the kitchen, buy pre-made raw food with multiple varieties.


Ended up

In the end, I make a statement that these 80 10 10 raw dog food recipes have multiple positive outcomes on my dogs and

  • High in protein.
  • Follow up, prey model.
  • Full of a nutrient-rich diet.
  • Promote digestion and skin coat.
  • You must be critical of the source and hygiene of the meat.
  • Not fulfill all the body requirements of a dog.

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