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8 Best Dried Raw Dog Food UK 2024: Review & Ranked


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Best Dried Raw Dog Food UK 2024: Review & Ranked

Raw dog food is the super choice of every dog owner, but if you worry that raw food contains too much bacteria, posing digestive issues on your dog’s tummy, or your dog gets bored with the traditional kibble available in the market. Then, switch to raw dried dog food free from contamination, a powerhouse of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins. With our transition plan and well-known dried raw food brands listing, I bet this fussy journey can be joy-ish for you.

In this article, we make sure to confront you to the best brands in the UK where you can buy the best raw dried dog food and provide food variety to your pup in food for a healthy nutritional journey.

What is dried raw dog food?

Dried raw dog food is the food type that combines the features of raw feeding with the convenience of increasing the shelf life of food without creating mess-ups and refrigerator needs. The raw ingredients like human-grade meat, fruits, vegetables, organs, and supplements are dried at minimal low temperatures enough to remove all the moisture while keeping the nutritional value alive.

Dried raw dog food is called the freeze-dried method, which is also different from dry food (kibble), which is processed at high temperatures, and all ingredients are cooked. It typically contains higher protein content and fewer carbohydrates than traditional dog foods, which may better align with a dog’s nutritional needs but is a bit pricier due to its delicate processing.

How to choose the best dried raw dog food? Buying guide for you

Customers should consider these factors or buying guides before buying any dried raw dog food.

  • What shelf life does this food have? Either it is too less than or close counter to the kibble.
  • Look at the main ingredient in the dried raw food, whether it is raw or cooked, whether the meat is lean or fat-based. What meat will give, and what benefits will it give to your dog?
  • Either your dog has a pollen, meat, or grain allergy, or that specific brand has a specialized formula to overcome this issue.
  • Customers or willing buyers should see nutritional adequacy statements and certifications like FEDIAF and AAFCO for additional pet security.
  • What is the quality and source of that food? Is it human-grade or locally sourced? The suggested product should be cage-free, additives & preservatives free, GMO-free, and lactose-free because it may cause harm to a dog’s tummy.
  • Consider your dog’s weight and size. Prefer small-sized dried chunks for smaller breeds and larger shapes for big dogs.
  • MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is the manufacturer’s baseline price. Look for deals below MSRP in the form of discounts. You should compare prices per pound or serving and consider factors such as the feeding guidelines and calorie density to determine the product’s overall value.
  • Is the food raw, or how much processing is applied to that food?
  • Do other customers love this product? Either all other buyers are satisfied with the product.
  • What is the delivery mode, and how long will the food arrive?

Our top pick

  1. Coya (best known for extra-fine quality)
  2. Stella & chewy (for puppies development)
  3. Nature’s Variety (food for medium to large breeds)
  4. James & Ella (best customer services)
  5. McAdams (free-range chicken recipes)
  6. Carnilove (for a treat)
  7. WainWright’s freeze-dried raw (best for stomach and regular poo)
  8. Zenoo natural (best for dogs with sensitive tummies at 20% discount)

1- Coya beef treat with sweat potato by

A women giving his dog Coya beef treat with sweat potato by

We can get raw and dried food features at CoyaPet products that provide a wide range of freeze-dried food, toppers, and a complete meal menu. This company certifies that they use raw human-grade meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, and other supplementary products to merge all the nutrition in one product. I first included it in my best dried raw dog food list, as I used it for my hypo-allergic dog for two years.

I am specifically reviewing the beef recipe that consists of 80% beef and 20% fruits and veggies.

Reasons why you should buy it:

  • No extra storage is needed.
  • No more botheration of defrosting raw meat.
  • You can carry it in your bag for travel.
  • Checking the feeding amount is easy; you can measure it according to your dog’s size.
  • It can be used on snuffle mats.
  •  Improves muscle health and vitality.
  •  Gluten-free and grain-free.
  •  Promising to promote healthy skin coat.
  •  Provides a single protein source.
  •  For all breeds and ages.

Reasons why you should avoid it:

  •  It is much pricier.
  • You must rehydrate the product with some liquid before feeding it to dogs.

Coya provides multiple feeding options to you. You can give it as a main meal with more than six recipes with an 80/20 rule in which 80% is single protein while 20% consists of five specially selected fruits and vegetables. They also provide four recipes you can use as a treat for training and four topper recipes to bring Variety to pet food. As I thoroughly use various products for my multiple dogs, I consider Nature’s Menu a great competitor for this brand, as they also introduced an 80/20 dried raw dog foods option.

As Coya sticks to the freeze-drying process, it wins in saving the vital elements of food, which are as raw as they were. It has a very soft texture; even elder dogs with weak gums can chew it even if you never add water.

The pricing is the only drawback, especially for large dogs. With three Boxers, I would need to feed 300–315g each day for one adult, as they weigh 30 and 34 kg, respectively. Since a box holds 150g, each person must spend more than £18 daily! Although they appear to supply it in more significant quantities of 750g, each dog would still have to pay more than £13 daily.

So, if you want good quality raw dried food for dogs of all breeds with confirmation and have a heavy-full pocket, go and have this excellent product.

2- Perfectly puppy chicken and salmon recipe by Stella & Chewy

A dog behind the pack of Perfectly puppy chicken and salmon recipe by Stella & Chewy

Stella and Chewy is a worldwide famous brand that emerged in 2003 to supply pet foods at local markets. They use 90% meat; all ingredients are grass-fed, cage-free, gluten-free, and wild-caught.

Do you want your puppy to grow aside? He is a picky eater; try the puppies recipe that gives DHA, L-CARNITINE, glucosamine, Vitamin E, and chondroitin, which are needed for growing puppies. What are the points worth noticing in this recipe?


  • 95% of the time, it is meat, organs, and bones.
  • It meets all the standards, such as AACO.
  • The best recipe for puppies with grain allergy as it is grain or gluten-free.
  • Chia seeds and green muscles have a good impact on muscles and skin.
  • It is easy to store in a dry place.
  • An excellent aroma to induce picky puppies.


  • If you start feeding at once, it creates digestive problems.
  • It creates bacterial contamination when half-eaten food remains for over a day.

Chicken and salmon patties were introduced with the concept that dogs are naturally wild and love to eat everything in the wild; therefore, dogs love this cage-free chicken and wild salmon in the freeze-dried patties. This recipe comes in various packaging, like a 5.5-ounce bag with 11 patties, a 14-ounce bag with 28 patties, and a 25-ounce bag with 50 patties. As a rough calculation, your 5lb puppy needs three patties daily.

One winning feature of that product that I primarily advocate is that it is grass-fed, which means 2-5 times more omega-3 fatty acids, 25-50% low in fat, and CLA (Conjugated Lindelic Acid), that is anti-cancer properties. All the fruits and vegetables are 100% organic and sourced from North and South America. The bones used in the recipe are never cooked and appear up to 1/4 in size and can stay for 18 months in a dry place. When I consider Stella and Chewy, another brand called Primal also comes to my mind, but again, I always favour Stella over Primal as the first one contains 95% meat while the other has 91% authentic meat source.

These patties taste great on top of my tiny dachshund’s kibble. I usually start by rehydrating by breaking up a patty or two on top, which allows them to absorb some water or goat’s milk. After a little blending, it’s all set for him, but if you run short of your dog’s food, I prefer something other than this brand because I usually receive late shipments.

3- Complete freeze-dried food with chicken by Nature’s Variety

A dog eating Complete freeze-dried food with chicken by Nature's Variety

Every dog owner switches to freeze-dried or dried raw dog food to avoid all the mess-up with the raw meat and wants palate-ability, convenience, and quality food from a chosen brand. Nature’s Variety is a well-known brand for its highly deboned meat. It has four complete recipes, including chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb, that all are cereal-free with a combination of fruits, veggies, and essential nutrients. These recipes are workable for dogs aged 25 to 45kg or 12 months old, but only the feeding guide changes.

Favourite points:

  •  80% lean meat.
  •  No artificial colour and preservatives.
  •  Easy to store.
  •  Get a 91% score at allaboutdogfood.
  •  Lightweight food.
  •  Easy to travel with.
  •  Hawthorn leaf manages blood pressure and heartbeat in dogs.

Least favourite points:

  • It is much pricier. The cost will be £9.99 per day, but James & Ella provides the same quality, but the cost per day is £6.12.
  • This complete chicken recipe has too much fat content, up to 32%.
  • It might be harder to find this brand’s recipes all the time.

As dogs are wild, they love meat more than anything, and this brand gives 80% meat, just like Stella and Chewy, which also hit the customers because of its high lean meat content.

Nature’s Variety Freeze-Dried Food is an excellent option for dog owners who value their well-being above all else. Its premium ingredients and beneficial effects on dogs’ health make it one of the best dog food options available, but one major drawback I faced with this product was that it came to me in poor packaging with some sellotape on it.

4- James & Ella grass-fed beef freeze-dried dog food

a small dog sitting on the floor in front of a box

James & Ella freeze-dried free-range human-grade chicken and grass-fed beef freeze-dried raw dog food are the best-ever-best products in the UK that provide customers satisfaction with the best quality ingredients for toy breeds and large ones. It has 1 kg bag packaging, and customers love its packaging style and material, which will never explode soon. This product has Grass-Fed Beef (80%), Sweet Potato (5%), Carrot (3%), Peas (3%), Vitamins and Minerals (3%), Apple (2%), Pumpkin (2%), Blueberries (1%), Cranberries (1%), Salmon (1%) that all are too nutritious for your pup.

Product’s good points:

  • No freezing and defrosting are required.
  • Veterinary approved and meet standards like PFMA and FEDIAF.
  • Fresh breath.
  • Skin gets shinier.
  •  Soft and chewable texture.
  •  Appetizing smell.

Product’s bad points:

  • Beet’s pulp and rosemary may harm epileptic dogs.
  • Too much expensive that some dog owners dreamed it about only.

For the first time, when my uncle visited my house and saw my efforts to induce my cocker spaniel towards food, but they were not, he made up my mind to buy James & Ella grass-fed beef freeze-dried food. Believe me, I ordered this food on Sunday and had it on early Tuesday with a quick E-mail reminder. After receiving my parcel and when it opened up, all the dogs jumped to have it, and they all loved the taste and texture.

One problem I experienced with my Pug was that he immediately became extremely thirsty, drinking bowls of water in one sitting after eating grass-fed, dried, raw food. When I voiced my concerns to the team, they assured me this was normal for freeze-dried food and would end in a few weeks. The situation got better, but it was not completely resolved.

As comparing this grass-fed beef formula with Coya and Nature’s variety, the protein content is higher in Coya with less fat (34%) and ash (4%, while James products have 10%), but high in calories about 520 kcal/100g while grass-fed beef recipe of James 7 Ella has 490 Kcal/100g.

It got 4.9 stars from Trustpilot and 89% from allaboutdogfood. This company has been exceptional in everything from communication and ordering to delivery to the after-service.

5- Raw preserved free-range chicken by McAdams

a woman standing in a kitchen with dog

McAdam is the brand that is high in demand for its free-range chicken and, of course, for quality foods for the ultimate health of your canine. It got 91% ratings from AADF, 4.6 ratings from Feefo, and 4.2 ratings from the Trustpilot website. The high % meat content of 85% makes it remarkable, and it is sourced from reputable places. The sweet potato and carrots provide iron, calcium, fibre, and Vitamin A. This brand claims that this raw preserved recipe of 150g equals 500g raw chicken, meaning more quality and quantity at a price.

Why customers love it?

  • 85% whole British free-range chicken
  • Raw chicken helps keep a healthy coat.
  • Good for sensitive tummies.
  • Moderate level of yucca green tea to avoid infection in dogs.
  • Long shelf-life.
  • No need to store in the refrigerator.
  • Free from wheat, maize, colour, and dairy products.
  • Good packaging.

Reasons for disliking:

  • It smells like tinned dog food.
  • Much sloppy in texture.
  • High Ash content of up to 14% affects bone structure.
  • Too expensive ( £25.99 for 500g bag)

I included it in my best dried raw dog food list as many of my friends recommend using this product because they all love its packaging style with fine quality velcro strips on the top that are easy to open and this brand’s customer care. Still, I did full-hand research on it but never ordered it yet. 

There are some drawbacks when I compare the product with WainWright’s freeze-dried raw dog food, and that was like. McAdams products are high in ash (14%), low in fibre (4.0%), and High in fat (36%), while WainWright’s product analysis gives information about ash (3.1%), fibre (5.3%), and fat (24.6%). The one good thing about McAdams is their protein content, which is 40% and suitable for 1 kg dog to 45kg+ dogs. So, my verdict is if your doggo loves chicken and digests it quickly, try buying this raw preserved chicken recipe by McAdams from:

6- Carnilove True Fresh Freeze-dried snack Rabbit with Pumpkin

A women giving treat to a white dog with a pink bow

When pet owners seek treats that are not only tasty but also nutritious and suitable for their furry companions, they have one UK dried-dog food brand name that is Carnilove, that is liked almost everywhere for their quality food, officially sourced meat, and quick delivery at your doorstep. This company provides three product lines, including a regular line that is 70% meat, 30% fruits and veggies, a fresh line that is 80% meat and 20% fruits, veggies, and supplements and the true fresh range that is 90% meat and 10% other fruits and minerals that are for treat purpose only. This rabbit with pumpkin derives 90% rabbit meat, bones, rabbit liver & heart, 4% pumpkin, 6% pea fibre, vegetable aroma, and supplements. Carnilove True Fresh Freeze-Dried Snack Rabbit with Pumpkin offers a high protein content from rabbit meat, which is essential for supporting muscle development and overall health in dogs. Additionally, including pumpkin provides added fibre and nutrients, contributing to digestive health.

Why do I suggest it to you?

  • Boost immune system.
  • Best for a treat.
  • Transported quickly.
  • Grain-free, potato-free, lactose-free, and preservative-free.
  • 100% human-grade ingredients.
  • Best for a single-protein treat.
  • Best quality of freeze-drying.

Some drawbacks:

  • Some dogs find the taste strong.
  • It gets out of stock for some time.

The main feature that makes this brand stand out is that they never use potatoes in their recipes because they are high in starch and sometimes drop blood sugar levels in dogs. You can use it for 1 kg+ to 40 kg+ dogs; all breeds can have it. I remember I started feeding it after my trainer’s suggestion because my Border Collie had an allergy to yeast & starch, and this rabbit with pumpkin recipe has no starch in the form of potato and. I noticed his allergy was reduced, and his coat got shinier. It is a good product for treats, but you can also consider other treats like Bounce & Bella training treats or Forthglade salmon soft bits treat to your doggo for giving him multiple options.

Serving idea: scramble it over at the top of kibble, mix it with canine wet food, Break the pieces into small training-sized bites for positive reinforcement during training sessions, hide it inside food puzzles or snuffle mats, or scatter small pieces of the snack around the house or yard for a fun and engaging treasure hunt for your furry friend. But whenever you offer treats to dogs, make sure to hydrate them with plain water all day.

7- Wainwright’s complete freeze-dried raw food chicken

a dog is eating out of a bowl

Wainwright is a brand that covers the enormous territory of the UK with its wide range of items like insect protein, veggie-based recipes, toppers, dry, kibble, wet food for small, medium, and large breeds, and freeze-dried raw dog foods. FEDIAF and AAFCO approve Wainwright’s freeze-dried chicken recipe. It is a blend of 60% chicken and 40% fresh fruits and vegetables with a mouthwatering taste and is very nutritious for your furry companion.

Benefits of it that people loved:

  • Grain-free product.
  • Gentle on dogs tummies and digestion.
  • Effective for regular poo routine.
  • A complete dog food for 1+ dogs.
  • Minimally processed method.
  • A pride product of the UK.
  • No added colour and preservative.

Cons of it that people hated:

  • It is too expensive, and you can afford it as a topper or for small dogs only.
  • A little bit dry.

The Wainwright freeze-dried chicken is the best solution for raw-dog food handling. That includes 60% chicken, 21% Potato+ Sweet potato, 6% Peas, 5% carrots, 3% apples, 2% pears, Vitamin E, C, and rosemary oil that have 4.4 stars on Pets at home.

I usually give my dogs a variety of foods from multiple brands. Two months ago, I switched them from Nature’s variety to Wainwright; I am thrilled with the outcome, especially since my 5 kg mini Dachshund seems more content with her food. Therefore, I suggested this one to most of my friends.

When I researched the product backpack information of Wainwright freeze-dried chicken with Nature’s variety free range chicken, I discovered that Wainwright is high in protein (34%), high in fat (24.9%), fibre (5.3%), and low ash (3.1%). In comparison, Nature’s variety chicken recipe has 31% protein, 19% fat, and 8% ash, but one point that hooks customers to Nature’s variety dog food is their price, which will be £1.12 per day, while Wainwright is a bit expensive have £3 per day.

If you want quality dried raw dog food for your puppy despite its high-budget demanded price, shop from:

8- Zenoo natural turkey dried raw dog food

Zenoo is a natural brand well-reputed for its freeze-dried menu and supplements. This has two varieties of freeze-dried food, including turkey and beef, with added supplements. But, the review on this product depends on my 5 hours of research about this brand as I have never tried this yet, but one of my friend tried it.

Push you up advantages:

  • Zucchini in the recipe will cure sensitive tummies.
  • Improves immune system and coat.
  • Sugar, gluten, and nastie-free.
  • Suitable for underweight and over-weight dogs.
  • The packaging is so good that this could be saved for two months.
  • Best for stronger teeth.
  • It is easy to make; add water with an equal ratio.

Handicaps of Zenoo turkey:

  • It is expensive if taken as a regular meal.
  • We can have it from the main website, but it is less available locally.

Zenoo natural turkey dried raw have 70% turkey meat with bones, turkey liver & heart, 10% trout & salmon, 10% zucchini, fresh carrots & cabbage, and rosemary extracts that all are a good provider of Vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Biotin, iron, Phosphorus, and selenium.

Multiple features of that brand will hit the customers towards them like they will give you 30 days money-back guarantee, Zeolite supplement on your first order, and 20% off on every order.

Dog owners prefer Zenoo natural dried food because of its high protein content (42%), but as they consider cost, they prefer Wainwright freeze-dried raw food as it is £3 per day, while the others have £6.30 per day.

If you want quality food with a feeding guidebook, measuring cups and supplements with special offers visit the website to own this wonderful product.

FAQ’s about best dried raw dog food UK

Why choose dried raw dog food over traditional kibble?

Dried raw dog food retains more nutrients and enzymes than traditional kibble because it undergoes minimal processing. It also offers the benefits of a raw diet without refrigeration, making it convenient for pet owners.

What are the main ingredients in dried raw dog food?

The main ingredients in dried raw dog food typically include high-quality protein sources such as chicken, beef, fish, fruits, vegetables, and essential vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced diet for your canine companion.

How do I transition my dog to dried raw dog food?

When transitioning your dog to dried raw dog food, it’s essential to do so gradually over 7-10 days to avoid digestive upset. Start by mixing a small amount of the new food with your dog’s current food, gradually increasing the new to old food each day until fully transitioned.

Is it possible to control weight with dried raw dog food? 

Because dried raw dog food has a higher protein level than regular kibble and a lower carbohydrate content, it may assist some dogs in maintaining their weight. However, portion control and supervision are crucial to ensure your dog stays at a healthy weight.

My Verdict

There are numerous dried raw brands and products available in the UK. Still, Nature’s Variety, Coya, James & Ella, Carnilove, and Stella & Chewy are the best products I always use and recommend to all of my friends and family members. I prepared this list to give accurate information to every dog owner about the best dried-raw options they can buy for their four-legged guy.

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