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6 Best 80 10 10 Raw Dog Food UK Reviewed And Ranked (2024)


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Do you want to avoid using dry and wet dog food, or does your dog neglect the taste of both? If you want to know the harmful effects of dry and wet food on your dog, including dehydration risk, dental problems, storage issues, and digestive concerns, you must switch to raw dog food. Not only raw but also 80 10 10 raw dog food that helps your dog get rid of all kinds of problems and is effective for stronger muscle, shinier coat, and no digestive challenges.

What readers will learn through our long-researched article:

What should you think before buying 80 10 10 raw dog food?

What companies provide the best 80 10 10 raw dog food?

Why should you switch to 80 10 10 raw dog food?

Buying guides on choosing the best 80 10 10 raw dog food

There are many controversial remarks on 80 10 10 raw dog food; some call it an incomplete food while others favour it as a complete food as it covers 80% meat, the essential requirement for every dog, 10% bones, and 10% secreting organs that combines them to form a full-diet for your doggo. Anyway, if you are going to buy 80 10 10 raw dog food, what should you keep in mind before:

  • You should closely examine your dog’s allergies, whether he has bad todo with certain proteins like chicken or beef, grains, dairy items, or certain legumes.
  • You should be clear that raw dog food will be more expensive than kibble. Be realistic about how much you can spend per week/month.
    • Tip: If you can’t afford  raw food and want to give your dogs its benefits too, you can mix the kibble with raw food in an equal quantity.
  • Consider the age, breed, and activity level of a dog. The adult Great Dane working dog will need more food compared to moderate Chihuahua.
  • 80 10 10 dog food comes in a frozen form that must be stored in the refrigerator, so be mindful of whether you have that specific storage. Choose products that come in convenient packaging and are easy to store and handle.
  • Are you comfortable handling raw meat? Thawing, portioning, and cleaning require extra planning. Stick to wet or dry kibble if you are not good at it.
  • Always see the customer’s reviews, brand, and rating about this specific 80 10 10 raw dog food.
  • If you are new to switching your dog from kibble to raw, look for brands that give you measurements of the exact quantities and buy from brands that offer multiple trial boxes that make you aware of your dog’s allergy and can provide him with numerous protein varieties.
  • Remember the potential long-term health benefits of feeding your dog a raw, well-balanced diet. Investing in your dog’s health now can pay later for fewer medical problems and lower vet costs, even though it may initially cost more than processed diets.
  • Raw dog food usually stays fresh for one week, but see the brand’s label that how much their company offers the food stays in the fridge. If you buy food in bulk, we advise you to do it if your dog is always eaten or has a large breed; otherwise, it will be spoiled after the prescribed time.

Our top pick

Here, you get a quick overview of the best 80 10 10 raw dog food.

  1. Prodog raw (best overall)
  2. Paleo Ridge (best for fussy dogs)
  3. Benyfit natural (best for working dogs)
  4. The dogs butcher (best for breakfast)
  5. Bounce and Bella (best budget-friendly)
  6. Wilson Pet food (best for allergic dogs)

Turkey and white fish with offal by prodog raw

two dalmatian dogs are sitting on a couch and Turkey and white fish with offal by prodog raw boxes infront of them

Prodog Raw is one of my favourite brands, well-known for premium quality raw food for dogs. When I want to be on the most natural side of feeding lean meat to my dogs that helps digestion and promotes gut health, this fish and turkey recipe comes to my mind.

Prodog Raw offers three categories: Economy, Pure range, and food bundle. They offer three recipes in economy packs, nine recipes in pure range, including this white fish and turkey, and three offers in bundle packaging as a whole. They give excellent quality with variety. Customers can choose low fat, high fat, single protein, low phosphorus, low mercury, high omega-3, mixed protein, and with or without offal recipes that satisfy every customer to select as they wish to have it for their dogs.

Turkey and fish recipes with offal contain 80% (45% turkey + 35% fish) of turkey meat and white fish, 10% ground turkey bones, and 10% turkey offal. Turkey is a lean meat with less fat and protein and is rich in vitamins like Vitamin B2, B3, and B12 that boost the immune system, quick digestion, and upgrade sleep pattern. Whitefish give your dog less saturated fat and sodium but are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They become a good choice for senior dogs and those with pancreatitis, inflammation, and upset stomachs. The turkey bones help with mental stimulation and joint health, while turkey offals support overall muscle development.

Plus points that win my favour:

  • Best for all dogs, breed, size, and activity level.
  • A proud brand in the UK.
  • It uses human-grade ingredients.
  • It helps in managing a dog’s weight.
  • Available in convenient 500g and 1kg tubs for easy portion control.
  • Improves dental health by removing all the tarter.

Bad points I faced:

  • Sometimes, it comes in too much thicker cuts or sometimes in a sloppy texture that looks like a soup.
  • It is more expensive than traditional 80 10 10 raw dog food in markets.

The turkey and white fish with turkey offal attract many customers; therefore, get five stars from the Prodog raw website and 90% ratings from the allaboutdogfood website. Its fresh aroma caught Frenchie’s attention; he used to dance and jump during his mealtime.

The prodog raw packs come in frozen that can easily be cut, thawed and served and fed 1-2 times a day to an adult dog for more than 23 weeks, and puppies of 16 weeks need four times meals a day. So, this product is an excellent value edition as it is less in fat and combines good elements of fish & turkey. Its superior ingredient quality, balanced nutritional profile, and commitment to pet health make it a top choice for discerning pet parents. If you want quality ingredients, a nutritionally balanced diet, and suitability for your doggo, please click the button to shop this.

Classic beef tripe and duck by Paleo Ridge

a bowl of Classic beef tripe and duck by Paleo Ridge

Paleo Ridge is an award-winning brand that promises to provide quality raw dog food that works best for fussy and working dogs of all ages. They are DEFRA-approved and OF&G organic-approved and better known for their polite customer care services.

Paleo Ridge raw dog food contains sixteen 80 10 10 raw dog food recipes like lamb, duck, turkey, kangaroo, chicken, beef, venison, rabbit, and a mix of all these proteins too. With the evolution in the market, as per their market strategies, they also introduced their value packs in the shape of “Raw Hamper” and “Herbie’s No Tripe Hamper,” which give free delivery across the UK.

Paleo’s classic beef tripe and duck is an 80-10-10 raw dog food adequate for dogs from two months to age. Its high-quality 60% beef, 30% duck with bones, and 10% beef liver, kidney, and spleen all are animal sourced.

Benefits of selecting this recipe:

  • Minced for easy feeding and portion control (10mm mince size).
  • I like their packaging, which covers less refrigerator space.
  • It is good on dog’s sensitive tummy.
  • My dogs used to get more active and join me in every activity.
  • They give 20% off to their first-time customers.
  • My dog’s bowel movement tends to be less and less smelly.
  • Its grain-free formula makes it hypoallergenic for dogs.

Drawbacks of this product:

  • Once, my Yorkshire got severe diarrhoea when I switched him from kibble to raw.
  • They now put through extra fine mincers, but my dogs love having lumpy texture in their food.

Beef tripe and duck gives Protein 14.9%, Fat 9.8%, Fibre 1.6%, Ash 1.9%, and Moisture 71.8%, and this gets a 4.9/5 customer rating from its leading site or 85% rating on AADF and offers a 1kg pack in £4.80.

Beef tripe helps your weighty dog lose mass by improving his digestion and feeling of fullness. The duck in this recipe maintains cognitive health and blood circulation progressively. One of the best features I have witnessed with Paleo is their next-day delivery. They have customer care services from Monday to Friday before 12 pm, and they respond to my e-mails quickly whenever I give them.

I first used Paleo’s classic lamb tripe with chicken and kangaroo, which are good quality and much chunkier than this beef tripe & duck recipe. But, kangaroo recipe cost me £7.50 and after a suggestion from my friend, I started using this duck recipe, and all my boys loved it.

For best quality 80-10-10 raw dog food within time with recycled -able packaging, shop here:

Venison meat feast by Benyfit Natural

a dog laying on the grass next to a box of Venison meat feast by Benyfit Natural

Benyfit Natural is the brand that started its inspiration by making its first dog recipe in the kitchen ten years ago. Its co-founder Greg stated that they wanted to serve a recipe that must be natural and that typically can be eaten by humans. This brand never compromises on quality and meat sourcing and by the passage of time, introduced eight 80-10-10 raw dog food on the basis of a single protein method that includes duck, goat, turkey, chicken, rabbit, beef, and lamb, but the recipe most favou9rite for my dogs named Venison meat feast.

Venison is full of vitamin B, Zinc, and Iron, which give dogs energy and a robust immune system. It has a mouth-watering taste and can be a good choice if your doggo has chicken and beef allergies or you want your obese dog to be intelligent because of the low-fat content in it.

Venison meat feast contains 80% British Venison, 10% Venison bones, 5% British Ox kidney, and 5% British Ox liver. It is the best choice for 2 kg to 45kg dogs, especially for working dogs, and is also available in 500g and 1kg trays.

Once, my 40kg Bernese got stomach issues accidentally after overeating junk food on the table that I left at a party; when I took him to my vet, he asked me about his eating times and food. After telling me about Benyfit Natural, he said yes but suggested I rotate between multiple proteins and add numerous fruits and veggies to his diet. So, if you feed any single protein like venison, shuffle between 3-4 proteins.

Dog-friendly points I witnessed:

  • Working dogs need extra calories that give them energy, and I like it because it does not get my dog tired.
  • Nice and meaty with minimal bone. Some products have tonnes of bone, so this is a welcome change.
  • Free from colouring, flavouring, and preservatives.
  • It is best for allergic dogs.
  • It is effortless to defrost it.

Negative points:

  • These 80-10-10 raw dog foods are much more expensive than our kibble feeding.
  • Sometimes, it gets sticky after defrosting.

Before using Benyfit, I was suggested by my son Durham Animal Feed (DAF), which I started to abandon because of its too much runny texture after defrosting, blue plastic in the meat, and too much sharp bone content that gets stuck to the dog’s throat. After switching to Benyfit natural Venison feast, all boys have strong teeth and healthy fur and are active throughout the day.

They also have other collection in 80 10 10 you can explore here

Purely horse single protein 80/10/10 mince by thedogsbutcher

dog standing next to a person holding a container of food

The Dog’s Butcher is a  UK-based company that started its work between 2016-2017 and consists of 50 employees but offers more than 20 80/10/10 raw dog recipes, treats, supplements, and dog toys. You can access multiple proteins like hare, lamb, horse, pig, goat, veal, water buffalo, venison, turkey, beef, ox, salmon, and rabbit and all are 5-star quality, grass-fed, and ethically sourced.

If your dog is too picky and never passes every taste, this horse protein minced will make him love with raw food. Horses are the best protein, iron, calcium, zinc, and Vitamin A sources. Their firmer structure is helpful for doggo’s teeth’ cleanliness, and they also have hypoallergenic properties.

Typical Analysis per 100g contains:

  • 169 cal/100g
  • Moisture 68%
  • Protein 22%
  • Fat 9%
  • Ash 0.8%
  • Fibre 0%

All the ingredients are satisfactory, but one negative thing is that it has no fibre in the recipe, which can lead him towards constipation, so feeding such 80/10/10 raw dog food, please ensure access to fresh water too.

Positive features:

  • Effective for all life stages, from puppies to seniors.
  • Resealable containers or vacuum-sealed packs to maintain freshness and prevent freezer burn.
  • As I give this recipe to my Albert in the morning, he gets energetic the entire day.
  • The company delivers frozen raw food directly to customers, eliminating the need to visit pet stores.
  • I was too impressed with their delivery system and quick call response when I had to call them as my supplier ran short of stock.

Negative features:

  • They deliver food between Tuesday and Friday, so if you have a food shortage on the remaining days, you must jump to another brand to feed your dog.
  • My friend told me that he ordered horse-single protein mince, but they delivered pork mince, and when he claimed a refund, they talked absurdly with him and even never refunded him.

I know how important it is to find the best for our four-legged friends because I’m an experienced pet owner with a taste for high-quality nutrition. Every bite of Dog’s Butcher is filled with goodness thanks to their dedication to using only the best ingredients and careful production techniques.

Variety pack by Bounce and Bella

Dog standing next to Variety pack by Bounce and Bella

Are you searching for a variety of quality raw dog food options? Look no further than the Bounce and Bella Raw Dog Food Variety Pack.

Bounce and Bella is basically well-known because of its numerous products of training treats, dog chews, cookies, grain-free meat, dry dog food, and small 80/10/10 raw dog food recipes. They offer only five 80/10/10 recipes, but all attract their customer’s attention because the company fulfills its promise to meet quality standards within your range. This range includes raw lamb, turkey, beef, and chicken; my most favourable budget-friendly is a UK-sourced variety pack.

The Bounce and Bella variety pack includes four flavors and offers various offers. You can buy an 8kg, 12kg, or 16kg bundle. The larger the quantity you order, the lower the price you would pay per kg. You can give this variety of proteins to puppies, adult, and senior dogs as 2-3% of their body weight. If your dog loves the taste, you must set your order in subscription. As in normal delivery mode, the cost would be £44.20, but with the subscription, you can have this pack at £44.20, which is a plus point.

Positive points we like:

  • Dogs with severe itching recover with this recipe.
  • Its packets are fully recyclable.
  • When I was a beginner, I thought it easy to switch from traditional food to this delicious raw food.
  • For the first time I ordered, half of my food was broken. When I contacted the company, they refunded me without any further charges.
  • My vet also recommends this product.
  • There are no nasties and additional flavour, and the meat is chunkier, which all my boys loved.

Worse points:

  • When I suggested this product to my friend, he immediately bought it, but his two dogs refused even to taste it, and all this pricey budget food pack deteriorated.

The Bounce and Bella variety pack complements four different proteins:

  1. Raw beef dog food contains Beef, Beef Rib, Beef Heart, Beef Lung, Beef Liver, and Beef Kidney that have analytical values like Moisture 67.8%, Protein 15.5%, Fat 14.7%, Ash 2.6%, Fibre 0.2%.
  2. Raw lamb dog food contains Lamb, Lamb Rib, Lamb Heart, Lamb Lungs, Lamb Liver, and Lamb Kidney with analytical values like Moisture 65.4%, Protein 15.3%, Fat 12.5%, Ash 2.1%, Fibre 0.5%.
  3. Raw turkey dog food contains Turkey with bone, Turkey Meat, Turkey Heart, and Turkey Liver composed of Moisture 67.8%, Protein 15.5%, Fat 14.7%, Ash 2.6%, and Fibre 0.2%.
  4. Raw chicken dog food contains Chicken Carcass, Chicken Trim, Chicken Heart, and Chicken Liver with a composition of Moisture 67.5%, Protein 15.9%, Fat 10.4%, Ash 3.1%, and Fibre 0.2%.

You can satisfy your dog’s craving for beef, chicken, or fish with the Bounce & Bella Variety Pack. All varieties and sizes of dogs can use it, and it offers a balanced diet that supports general health and well-being. If you want to save from extra burden by buying a single product from everywhere,

Lamb core raw frozen 80-10-10 dog food by Wilson Pet food

two dogs sitting next to Lamb core raw frozen 80-10-10 dog food by Wilson Pet food

Wilson Pet Food Company was established 160 years ago and is known for satisfying its customers with the best quality food. They provide complete and complementary food. Its wide range includes cold-pressed, working dog food, 70-10-10 raw dog food, 80-10-10 raw dog food, natural dog treats, and salmon oils for dogs.

Wilson pet food 80-10-10 raw dog food consists of turkey, chicken, lamb, and beef recipes, and all of my neighboring friends use lamb core raw food for their dogs. They satisfy the changing demands of pets and their owners, even though specifics of product evolution may differ. They aim to improve the nutrients and quality with each new version.

Lamb is packed with Vitamin B12, Niacin, Amino acids, and dietary fats that give energy a full day, work best for an allergic dog, and can be a treat or a complete diet. Lamb ribs, 10% of the whole recipe, is a natural chewy treat; lamb heart, lungs, and kidney provide fat and water-soluble vitamins.

Why we choose this?

  • Recyclable trays that are environmentally friendly.
  • They give free delivery UK-wide over your £30 order, while if you order dog food under £30, you have to pay £4.21 for each delivery.
  • My Siberian Huskie sheds too much everywhere, so after switching him to raw dog food, their shedding problem tends to be no.
  • It kept frozen for 48 hours, even after I received it.

Why we leave it?

  • Wilson Pet Food Company remains active only from Tuesday to Friday, so what will an owner do if he runs short of stock?
  • I ordered this food not from the leading site but from the local website because it was a burden in my pocket.

Wilson Pet Food’s Core Lamb Raw Food is the most excellent option for selecting 80-10-10 raw dog food for your pet. It is superior to other brands. It’s the obvious choice for discriminating pet owners due to its exceptional quality, balanced nutrition, and undeniable benefits for doggy health.

To turn these imaginary benefits into reality, choose to have this product from:

Various queries await responses (Question corner)

What are the benefits of feeding 80 10 10 raw dog food?

Benefits may include improved coat condition, dental health, digestion, energy levels, and reduced risk of specific health issues. Additionally, some dogs with allergies or sensitivities may find relief in a raw diet.

Does feeding 80 10 10 raw dog food carry any risks?

Although there are many health advantages to feeding 80 10 10 raw dog food, improper handling or preparation might increase the danger of bacterial infection and nutritional imbalances. Observe safe handling procedures and seek veterinary advice.

How to choose the best 80 10 10 raw dog food?

To choose the best 80 10 10 raw dog food, prioritize products made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients. Look for reputable brands that undergo rigorous quality control measures and offer various protein options. Consider your dog’s needs and preferences, and consult a veterinarian for personalized recommendations. Lastly, proper storage and handling practices must be ensured to maintain freshness and safety.

Can puppies and senior dogs have 80-10-10 raw dog food?

Yes! It is safe for puppies, adults, and seniors to rely on an adult’s 80-10 10 raw diet. However, puppies need more portions than old dogs, but it’s essential to consider their health conditions and consult a veterinarian for tailored dietary recommendations.

What should I look for on the 80 10 10 raw dog food ingredient label?

Look for whole, unprocessed ingredients from high-quality sources, such as muscle meat (from official places and ethically sourced), organs, and bones (ground one should be preferred). Avoid products containing fillers, artificial additives, or by-products.

Final words

All the products suggested to my beloved dog caregiver are firstly tested personally by me after my personal preference or recommended by my friends, and I tried my best to give you the best list of 80-10-10 raw dog foods that can provide you multiple choices so you can select them and make your doggo health more phenomenal.

To make homemade 80/10/10 recipes at home, check our post: 14 Home Made 80/10/10 Raw Dog Food Recipes.

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